Tips On DVD Duplication Business Requirements

Posted On: September 7th, 2013    To  CD & DVD

In starting any business, the issue that nags one more is the one that deals with overhead costs. All businesses operate out of a physical location. If this location is where one would expect to meet his clients, vendors and stakeholders, it would need to convey an adequately professional image. Although not easily achieved, one tends to strike a balance between quality and affordability in doing so. Here one can expect to save a significant amount if dealing with a technology company that exclusively provides a broad range of equipment from DVD duplicators to printers at wholesale prices. It certainly serves better in terms of technical services than from a company that serves in multifarious activities.

A business in DVD Duplication would do good to think towards investing in the primary equipment before investing in the presentation of its offices. For instance a printer is something that one invariably requires many times in the entire day. Then when one is into DVD Duplication, he may require the ability to print on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray from the same printer. One may need to consider from the options like Autoloader, Full Color Thermal, Inkjet or Network printers. The technology has considerably improved with all the new breed of high speed Digital 6 colour UV treated disc printers available in the market. Artwork can be inexpensively adjusted and re-adjusted and much more discs printed with altered matter. Electronic paper printers are also empowering clients to make numerous changes to their DVD Packaging art with insignificant boost in cost and with little or no adverse impact on the delivery schedule. The speed, volumes it can manage without heating up, size are other factors one would need to examine. Usually the vendor you are purchasing the DVD Duplication equipment from can advise if you tell him the scope, long term goals of your initial plan.

DVD Packaging & Labeling

Next perhaps it would be good to consider the packaging equipment. Here we are talking about packaging and labeling supplies necessary for printing and duplication venture such as:

  • Printers
  • Labelers
  • Multipack Overwrap
  • CD DVD Blu-Ray Packaging Equipment
  • Disc Sleevers
  • DVD CD Blu-Ray Case Over Wrappers

In a start-up it is very essential to make more attractive and more professional packaging than usual because a big order based on the same will certainly make a very favorable impact on the future of this start-up.

DVD Duplication Process with Autoloading

DVD duplicators use a red laser to make copies of DVDs on recordable discs. People use the DVD duplication technology to duplicate CDs as well. The DVD duplicators come with multiple drives that can support both CD/DVD-R and CD/DVD+R – all at one time. Then some of these DVD duplicators double up as printer too. The Autoloading DVD duplicators save time and money. These minimize the need for human intervention in the CD and DVD duplication / production process unlike manual DVD copiers. In the manual models you need an operator to load and unload the drives with the discs. In the Autoloading DVD duplicators the operator only needs to load blank discs into the machine, start it, enter the number of copies needed and return to pick up the duplicates.

It would be apt to also discuss the various types of Autoloading duplicators available.

  • Standalone Autoloading DVD duplicators

These DVD duplicators are not very complex and are operable very much like manual, standalone CD and DVD towers.

  • PC-Based Autoloading DVD duplicators

The PC interface provides you the ability to produce your CD and DVD using the powers of a host PC. This means more control over duplication / publishing since one can run both – application and production software on the PC.

  • Networkable Autoloading DVD duplicators let network-wide access from multiple clients to the autoloading DVD duplicators.

Solstice Technologies is one of the reputed companies that deals with advanced equipment in the line of professional DVD duplication and recording equipment.

The technology is there, DVD duplication and reproduction can be as rapid, efficient & affordable as one could want it to. If one can penetrate into areas of education, training, marketing, promotions – in corporate as well as government areas, one can succeed relatively easily – producing thousands of units each week.

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  1. Jayden Hill says:

    Valuable post. Yes, the information is relevant from the business point of view and also we are following these in our daily lives. So, it is quite necessary to gain knowledge regarding these things. Any ways thanks for updating my knowledge.

  2. digitadmin says:

    I’m glad that you were able to learn a few things from this blog at the same time it has been informational to refurbish your perception. I appreciate your comments and inputs. Do visit again.

  3. Jean Arthur says:

    Very innovative article! I came to know several things regarding DVD duplication and among them I liked the Autoloader process. One thing I must say that the duplication business is rapidly growing with high efficiency and the agencies are getting much profit from it. I searched related data through internet and found that the Autoloader has the capacity to produce 100 discs at a time and it can handle multiple Master DVDs once to run multiple duplication jobs. Thank you for posting this article. If any other processes are there, I request you to post.

  4. digitadmin says:

    You are welcome. Duplicity has ruined the reputation of many business fames. Thanks for stopping by to read and leave your insight. Sure, will be back to you with more information.

  5. Eric Thomas says:

    Quite interesting one! A business in DVD duplication is a good idea. But before getting into such field, it is important to gather relevant information. One must have knowledge regarding DVD packaging, labeling and auto loading. This article would definitely be helpful for those who interested for business in DVD duplication. As it is affordable so I guess more number of people would like this profession. The business requirement tips given here are really appreciable.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, before starting this sort of business, you must go through this. I am glad that you liked this article.

  6. Ava Wells says:

    On the basis of huge demand of storage media, each day millions of DVDs are being produced and it is not an easy task at all that’s why DVD duplication and replication processes came into existence. DVD duplication is a business today but to continue a business properly we need many things. And for DVD duplication business we need some basic requirements.

    As mentioned here it is necessary to be careful towards packaging & labeling. “Auto-loading”, I too accept that it adds some advantages to duplication process as it saves time & money. This article is a proper guidance to lead your business in DVD duplication, but I think to carry on a business smoothly, quality of the product is the most important requirement.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Ava for your feedback. DVD duplication is on high demand these days as well as the competition also very tough. So, it’s very important to maintain the proper quality for better result.

  7. Daisy Hamilton says:

    Such a great article! Your website is truly a nice one for providing tech info. I had read several other articles on your site and each time I found myself satisfied with your content. In the same way, today also it’s an interesting one. DVD duplication method may be beneficial these days. Hope people searching for similar blogs will find it relevant. Keep sharing always. Thank you.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Daisy for such a nice comment. Yeah, DVD duplication is very common these days and widely applicable.

  8. Krrish Avery says:

    DVD duplication can be proven as a profitable business these days. Well, before going for a business we need to make a complete planning, also some advices and suggestions are needed to make our preparation much better. Thanks for giving the complete description on DVD duplication business requirements. This blog is a proper guidance for anyone who wants to get into this business.

    • digitadmin says:

      You are welcome Krrish Avery. You did a nice job here and I do like your response. Yeah, DVD duplication can be profitable if done properly.

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