Smart Kitchen-The Family’s Gathering Place gets Smarter

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There is nothing left to say about a smart world. Whatever you see is some or the another way has become or going to be smart. The tide of this technological advancement has also reached the shores of the kitchen of your home.

Yes! It’s about the smart kitchen which a few times back was a dream but a common truth at present. The kitchen that is leading into future of connected and sustainable home is called a smart kitchen. It is a complete package of the environment-friendly and technology designs.

Smart Kitchen

Why should you have a smart kitchen?

Before planning to make your kitchen a smart one, you should first get convinced why you should do so or why you should make an investment on that. The reason is the convenience that a smarter technology offer to the users.

Smart technology has already conquered the gadgets, audio-visual, lighting, heating equipment and other appliances in your house. This technology that facilitates controlling something using a smartphone or a tablet has just awestruck the consumers.

This advancement has expanded its horizon beyond the home appliances mentioned above and has engulfed the kitchen appliances like the refrigerators, dishwashers washing machines, and many other kitchen items also. Since the present generation is more attached to the web world, they find this method of controlling devices with the help of their gadgets connected through Bluetooth or the internet more preferable. After other home appliances, kitchens are on the verge of being smart.

There is an app that controls all the kitchen appliances. These appliances connected by the apps makes the lives of the users easy. By delegating many options and more tasks they contribute to your time and effort saving. They provide you with many details about your kitchen items which you can hardly imagine to have.

Smart kitchen Benefits

The main aim of developing a smart kitchen are:

  • Complete control: You get a complete remote control over the kitchen appliances through your smartphone apps. This way you program the functioning of the appliances as per your preferences. This is quite helpful if you are quite busy throughout the week.
  • Risk Eradication: The kitchen holds many causes of disasters or physical harms in it. Thus, the remote control technology or the smart kitchen is a kind of life saver. You need not go near the appliances to check them rather you can sit on your couch and look into your kitchen appliance through your smartphone.
  • More Convenient: The Bluetooth through which the appliances are connected among themselves allows them to communicate with each other.
  • Enhanced Expertise: The smart kitchen can teach you many new tricks of cooking food. This is the reason why many foodies prefer smart kitchen as it will make them the best cook. The smart devices in a smart kitchen help to sharpen your cooking skills.

Appliances in a Smart Kitchen

Tefal Actifry Smart XL

This fryer is powered by the Bluetooth that lets you fire over the food straight from your tablet or smartphones. In this, you don’t need to bother about the temperature for the food to be cooked or the interval of stirring. The fryer does all these for you.

The app that controls this fryer gives you a full video layout of the parts that the fryer can’t do. This device takes just a bit of oil to cook the food. So, it’s a boon for the health conscious ones.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Some wines require years of cellaring. Thus, this decanter softens the tannins mature wine by aerating your wine with highly concentrated purified oxygen. In this decanter, you are also provided with a smart base along with a digital screen for showing you the wine name, its vintage, and progress of aeration.

There is an app which lets you control the device, collect info about various winemakers and add aeration programs.


For those who want to make their homemade cocktails a slurping one, this is a great appliance for them. You will have the Mojitos or the Old Fashioned ready with a single touch of the button.

The Somabar will do this for you by using a cocktail list in the linked app and dishwasher proof ingredient pods. Even you have the option of choosing the strength of machine mixes.

Smart Plate

If you are somebody who is quite conscious about your calorie intake and have a habit of feeding your calorie intake through food tracking apps then, the smart plate is your thing. This plate comes with weighing sensors and a mini camera.

It is enabled by both WiFi and Bluetooth. It figures out what you are eating along with doling out proper portions. There is also an app synchronized with the plate which automatically notifies you if you eat more.

Smart Thinq Cooker

Its app is compatible with the Homechatapp and the ecosystem. This smart cooker not only hooks up with the other connected kit through WiFi but also can be controlled from far away.

This cooking app lets you cook with precision, a time frame and thousands of pre-set temperature. In case you burn your food then the smart self-cleaning feature is there for it.

Smart Fridge

It’s obvious you would prefer to have a fridge that orders your food online according to the availability in its stock. This refrigerator has an embedded camera in it which monitors the food, takes a snap whenever the door is closed.

This also checks the items for spoilage risk and alerts you about any food which has been kept for long or is on the verge of spoiling. The sophisticated temperature and humidity sensors are accessible through the fridge’s network hub.

Apart from all these, it also offers built-in speaker, weather alerts, news alerts, seasonal recipe ideas.

Couple Using Smartphone in Kitchen

Final Thoughts

When there is an option of renovating the kitchen into a smart kitchen, people generally retrace their path. This is because they have a general opinion that renovating the kitchen into a smart one will make a huge hole in their pocket. In reality, this is not the truth. Actually, the smart kitchen doesn’t hamper your budget rather it enhances the value of your home dramatically. Smart kitchen being a combo of technology and earth-friendly aspect improves both the functionality and energy efficiency of your home. Smart kitchen is just astounding. So, don’t wait and let your guests witness a smart kitchen in your home soon.

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