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Printers used at homes and ones used at business are different as the requirements are unique. At home, you could have 1-3 people using a printer while at a business you could be having many people sharing one printer. Thus the use per hour at the two places makes a whale of a difference.

Toners and laser Ink cartridges are usually meant for high speed printers and greater quality, and volume printing. At homes generally what we use is the inkjet printer for the economy. Now there are different types of cartridges.

Environmental Pollution Due To Ink Cartridge

Some of the cartridges have the printing head attached to it. At the time you change your cartridge, you are compelled to change the print head, willingly or unwillingly, you do not have a choice. For low volume users it may not be too much of a cost to change the cartridge once in a while. Original cartridges thus end up giving high quality results and the users remain a happy lot. But for users who churn higher volumes of printouts, the cost can be substantial. Now there are users – high volume users as well as low volume users – who prefer to refill the cartridge instead of buying a new one. Obviously the explanation lies in the difference between cost of buying new and having it refilled. Here you would find arguments in favor as well against the practice. Some would be concerned with the claims that refilling would mar the quality of printouts and would harm the printer, leading to frequent and expensive repairs. Others would be worried about the quality of inks which they may not be able to gauge anyway. Another disadvantage – you may not be able to demand warranty services if they discover you using refilled and or refurbished cartridges. You might have an appropriate argument in offering the Environment Pollution angle to it – and there is no denying that used up cartridges are a major threat; they may not degrade or could take up over 3 to 4 hundred years to degrade. In order to keep the business on, the manufacturers are always looking for novel ways. Some cartridges do not allow you to re-set page counters when you are refilling one. Other cartridges would allow the ink but the capacity will be limited, so you end up giving them business buying ink, more frequently; cash flow keeps business running and you end up believing that it is a beneficial to you. Of course running to the retailer so often results in losing weight, you are better health wise.


Different Ink Cartridges And Its Warranty Period

The ink tank types may sound technologically advanced, more economical and user friendly. But a wise user would know the traps manufacturers have put in there. Here print heads remain fixed. You have four tanks each with one of the four colors Cyan, Black, Magenta and Yellow. You have the freedom to fill the color that has exhausted. But the catch lies in the chip that could prevent you refilling the tank based on the date of first filling. So the assurance of refill ability that came at the time of purchase falls flat on your face – you may give it a better name – frustration – want to bang your head? Well, there are even better tricks. Say due to a programming glitch, your printer sends 200 pages out and no matter was printed; guess what, your cartridge indicates you it is time to replace the cartridge! Try forcing refilling, and you lose the warranty on your printer! You end up buying a new cartridge and discard the old “unused” one! Shackled aren’t we?

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Diligence still gives you ways to save. When you see an offer for high capacity ink that compares with the original, you might want to find if there are more such vendors. Who knows you could end up with another vendor who is selling at same price but even higher capacity ink!

Get Information  Regarding Ink Cartridge From Internet

While on the net, the analytics keeps giving you information on your requirements, tastes etc based on previous usage of the internet. If you can afford to keep an eye on the ongoing offers while at work, you may get to lay your hands on a substantial discount at a Brick and Mortar store or at an online store.

When you shop online, you save indirectly. You save on the fuel that you would burn to get to the mall. You save time. And you also save money that you usually end up spending on things you really do not need.

The stores that keep a wide variety and large stocks could mean that the stocks are not too old. Fresh products are obviously meant to give you more.

It is quite common these days for the vendors to offer services and features for no extra cost when you buy in bulk. This means more savings when shopping for printer inks and cartridges at such stores.

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  1. Paul Anka says:

    Great Article! I appreciate your post which helped me providing relevant information. I have my own printer which I usually use for paper print, photo print etc. A PC user should keep in mind that cartridges can be refilled that can save environment as well as expenses. User should follow this blog regarding perfect use of cartridges during printing.

  2. digitadmin says:

    Thanks for the read and I am happy to note that the blog has been informational and interesting. Glad to see you again.

  3. Kim Basinger says:

    Informative post. I never thought of saving printer Inks but saving it would be so helpful. I got very relevant and useful information from this blog which I will keep in my mind. It is a good practice to save printer Inks and cartridges since it will help the user to save big bucks on the printer ink as it eliminates the need for replacement of ink cartridges.

  4. digitadmin says:

    Thanks for the post and it’s my pleasure that u came to know about some unknown facts about printer and its parts. Everyday more than dozens of people use printers but they never care about the ingredients used in it. People should learn to be economic and save some resources for our future.

  5. Hailey Foster says:

    While using a personal printer gradually we get familiar with all its parts and their functions. Each time when we need to fill the printer ink we simply change the ink cartridge but there exists other options too. It is better to refill because replacement results some problems. Most of the people may not have the idea of environmental problems that caused due to ink cartridge.

    The blog make us aware of the environmental pollution due to ink cartridges and suggest people to save printer inks & cartridges. Really helpful article!

  6. Prince Kaur says:

    A person dealing with printer must have heard about printer inks and cartridges. But one should also know about the details of all these. I think this article is a good try to make people be aware that ink cartridge has impacts on the environment. I too got surprised when I read this blog; truly we are polluting the environment in several different ways.
    I appreciate this one; it’s really spreading a nice thought.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Prince for this nice reply. Yes, you are right a person dealing with printers or printing machines definitely have some knowledge about ink inks and cartridges.

  7. Alex Keith says:

    Your post will really work to create awareness among people to be conscious for environmental pollution. Glad to acquire this much of knowledge on ink cartridges! Nice article you have posted. Thanks for sharing.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Alex. Check our other article updates to know some other things relates to digital technology.

  8. Graham Backus says:

    I would like to thank the author for sharing such a nice article. There are many ways to save printer inks and cartridges but we people never follow them. Hope your article will make some awareness among people to save these. I want to add a few more tips below to save printer ink.

    1. Be skeptical of low-cartridge warnings
    2. Check your printer’s software or driver settings
    3. Get a printer with an automatic duplexer
    4. Take care of your ink and toner.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Graham for this well written and properly described comment feedback. I am glad to see you comment here.

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