How to Fix a CD Scratch and Avoid Burning Errors

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Well acquainted with the CD and DVD almost everyone knows the basic things about them like what it is, its function. You are no way an exception.

Do you know how to burn data into the CD/DVD safely? Do you have any idea about fixing a scratched CD for reuse? Very few have an idea about this. So, let’s make it wide known among all and to you also.

Scratch Locating

  • Scratches perpendicular to the spirals of the CD running out from the center to the rim are harmless and doesn’t affect the playing of the CD. When the scratches continue just along the direction of the spiral then there are chances of consecutive data bits loss which results in the loss of data.
  • Suppose there are many scratches but the CD stops at only one or two points then you can determine the approximate location of the scratch based on which track skips. The first track on a CD begins near the center and the play direction proceeds outward to the edge.
  • Before moving to any scratch fixing step ensure that the CD indeed has a scratch. If no scratch is found then the fault lies in other things like surface dirt or player disorder.

Fixing the CD Scratches

When due to scratches playing of the CD is interrupted with a minor problem even, people throw away the CD assuming it to be completely damaged. This is not so. You can repair the scratches on your CD at home. Look into these methods:

Rubbing Compound (Polish) Method

This synthetic product has beat every other option in resurfacing a Scratched CD worst scratched CD. You need only a dab of this. You have been advised by many experts to polish the CD along with the direction of its radius i.e. from the center to the outside. Since, small circular scratches are capable enough to throw off the laser tracking system of the player this is a worth advice.

At the same time, it can’t be ignored that today’s tracking systems are much more advanced than that of the early 90’s. You can also opt for circle polishing of the compound if you want the breakdown of the rubbing compound to its final stage.

Breakdown of the compound generally denotes to the grit in it which has been designed to scratch the surface and wear down the deep scratches until they reach the same height of the rest CD. The heavy grit breaks down into fine grit units over the scratched surface giving a mirror polished surface.

Both the circular and the radius polishing method work well. You can choose as per your preference.

May Prefer Waxing

Using a car wax coat is not a bad choice. The carnauba wax which is a natural wax made from leaves will be great choice as it’s environmentally friendly and strong too. It has three benefits or you may say it’s a 3 in 1 purpose element due to this:
It fills up the deep scratches.
It prevents any further scratches on the disk in the future.
It keeps the dirt and dust away from the resurfaced CD in the future.

A Resurfacing Remedy from your Home

This method is applicable if the scratches are not too deep. The toothpaste with a gritty substance in it, polishes and cleans the CD surface by gently scratching the enamel. You need to consider a simple toothpaste like a normal white one.

Squeeze a bit on the surface and rub it in a center to outside swiping motion with your fingers. Until the CD is covered with a thin layer of toothpaste continue rubbing. You can rub the toothpaste around the circle several times if it has the worst scratch.

Once finished with rubbing the toothpaste, hold the CD under running water until you get your desired smoothness and leave it to dry following which clean it with a soft cloth.

CD Burning Mistakes to be Avoided

Deficient Media Usage

Every blank disc is not equal. The discs created using the DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs won’t work when you pop it into the CD tray. To stay away from this scenario ensure to use the best possible DVD you can get. You may have to spend a bit more but, that bit more will save you from many frustrations regarding the CD further.

Not Checking the Disk before Burning

Most of the times the defective discs get damaged while CD Burning being shipped or handled. So, before burning you must make a thorough checking of the disc for scratches, splotches, peeling, and cracks. This will save your and the DVD drive time in reading a defective disc.

Using the non-Compatible options

Sometimes when using the non-compatible options the discs may not work properly and can’t also read the data into them. When you are burning a multifunctional DVD which can be played in different players or drives, ensuring wide capability is crucial. Thus, always make sure to use a compatible setting.

Outdated Software

Outdated or corrupted software bring about burning errors in the disc. So, it’s quite mandatory to keep the software updated. The software designers make patches as a remedy for the anomalies detected. You can just turn your blind eyes to all the unwanted troubles by registering your burning software and regularly updating it.

Multitasking while Burning

Many of the users make various programs run in the background while burning the disc. This is a wrong practice. Never run other programs especially the one using the system resource in the background to have a fruitful burning process. Only when the burning attains 100% you can launch any program you like.

Be a Turtle!

It’s true nobody prefers to wait but sometimes going too fast may make you pay a lot for it. The DVD burners and the multifunctional optical drives are just marvelous inventions that can accomplish writing off millions of data bytes each second to the disc perfectly.

After all, they are machines operating at thousands of revolutions per minute and hence are not completely faultless. So, don’t be in a hurry have patience and select an adequate speed of around 8X to have an error free CD/DVD replication.

CD with CD Box

Parting Shot

Although temperamental sometimes, but the CD/DVD are a major part of our digital life. They are the cheapest and reliable form of storage that you can get till now. Thus, avoiding such burning mistakes and getting rid of the scratches on them you can get an efficient data storage space in them.

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