When you go out looking for obtaining photography services, it is not uncommon to find degree holding and experienced professionals in the business of photography. If you look out, you would invariably be able to find schools and colleges in your country; some could well be situated in your own town or city or in your neighboring county. These professional photographers have most likely undergone a degree course conducted by the so many colleges, universities, schools of art and journalism schools around. The programs could be carrying names such as Professional Photography, Digital Photography, Mass Communication and Graphic Design. Products from such photographers create a great impression and have a lasting impact. But then, you also get to notice many who may not be flashing any degree or certificate.
Yes it is possible to acquire skills in the hobby and perhaps make it a professional carrier for oneself as a full time photographer and seek a full time job in the noble profession. Let us first examine the initial steps of kick starting a satisfying career in photography.

Professional Stock Photographers

Stock photography is what I want to bring for your consideration on the table. Income for photographers from stock photography has been threatened for quite some time but the variety of photography that keeps it steady and attractive comes from the innovative and out of the box ideas that such photographs discover and bring to the public at large through the amply available medium. Stock photography for some professional photographers, can prove to be a tough job as they could be having much business to be able to serve the needs of stock photography stores. So getting in touch with a professional photographer can be examined in the hope of getting a reference to a stock photography business house.

Photography Studio

Stock photography is not an easy market to get into either. The idea and the opportunities are being grabbed by many and hence the competition is tough. So one has to hone his skills – one way or the other, to bring the zing in their photography products.

Marketing Agencies of Photography

When you begin getting steady stock photography orders, you need to keep aside or save enough to undergo a certificate course in photography to secure an edge over the other learners and spring ahead in the race. It should not be difficult to find reputable training institutes close from your area of operations. Such trainings would certainly push your strengths to a higher level and put you at par with many other in great demand.


Micro stock agencies too can be considered, however these agencies operate on lower budgets and obviously their compensations may not attract many and you would end up with too little in your pockets. Moreover you would be submitting too many pictures and it would become practically impossible to keep control over unauthorized usage of your photographs. But the silver lining here is that you would get valuable inputs as to what most of the public is looking for and thus you can sharpen your skills by focusing all your energies in such areas that are in higher demand. Fulfilling the demanded product would automatically catapult you into the limelight and therefore prosperity and career fulfillment.

Camera Resolution And Quality Photo

To start with, these days you have the luxury of choosing from so many different kinds of cameras. More the professional cameras used, better the quality of the picture. The color quality and the resolution make a big difference between a branded camera and other cameras. So the camera you choose matters a lot especially when you are considering making a living out of it. So now you know whether to go for the amateur ones or the more professional ones.


It is important to understand the difference between the quality of pictures when taken in automatic mode and a manual mode. Professional photography studios avoids the automatic operations. But these days the technology is advancing at a breakneck speed and camera manufacturers are coming out with innovations that woo the manual-loving photographers too. The crux lies in learning the tricks of getting a great picture using your mind and hence you need to hone the skills on adjusting all the controls on your camera manually. Anyways the automatic ones are more for the people who just want to snap up a picture. For them it is not a matter of bread and butter.

You definitely saved all the money that you would have otherwise spent in undergoing a degree course in photography. But then it certainly would not hurt to browse some books on photography, buy at least one that appeals most to you, and then burn the midnight oil. You will find the shops flooded with hundreds of books on the subject. The examples given in there and the matters described in there would certainly do a world of good in fulfilling your desires to becoming a professional full time photographer – without a formal degree in photography.

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  1. Allina says:

    In my view you can’t be a professional photographer without a degree but still if it’s your passion then you can make a difference in this sector. And these tips are helpful to give you a right direction in your venture in photography career. And be assured, if you can show your uniqueness then you will get many opportunities in further for your career.

  2. digitadmin says:

    Well, Practice does matter more than Education. If you are practicing to be a Photographer then nothing will stop you, you can master it and no matters you have any degree or not. Thing that only matters are the practical knowledge and experience that you are earning or you already have. There is a saying “practice makes a man perfect”, so it’s true and will always be. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Eve Arden says:

    Your blog is really impressive. A professional photographer produces digital photos focusing on different subjects like landscape, fashion, wedding, news etc with full concentration and creativity. Although there is necessity to obtain a degree, but the above ways can make a person professional photographer without these costly requirements.

  4. digitadmin says:

    I appreciate your inputs Eve. We all our filled with instinctively reverting motive that makes us unique so, our duty is to utilize it in the best and proficient way. You don’t need a college degree to be talented. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Christy Adcock says:

    Very nice illustration! Here you have proved me wrong as I had a wrong conception that photography needs proper training and without a proper learning no one can be a Photographer professionally. But your post is so brief that I am developing an inner interest towards this profession.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Christy for your reply. It’s really satisfying for me that you have got some points to be noted finally.

  6. Ronald Jackson says:

    A professional photographer does not need a college degree. A small complete internship or joining a photography club to develop skills is enough for becoming a good photographer. A good photographer needs to be artistic, and a steady hand. Developing photo capturing skills takes a lots of practice through constantly taking pictures, working with a variety of subjects with different types of equipments and own techniques. Or else join an assistant photography job under professional can also be a great help.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks Ronald for your feedback. You are right, it’s all about practical knowledge and ability to perform the task, it’s not about having a good track record in terms of Academic and failing to perform up to the mark.

  7. Hannah Nelson says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to become a professional photographer without a degree. Still if you have a strong willingness towards it then you may achieve it but it will need a lot of efforts. Nice article providing guidelines for being a professional photographer but these are not just enough, much more efforts needed. Thanks for the tips. Please do share more valuable guidance.

    • digitadmin says:

      Well, I believe knowledge can get from not just academic but also getable from real life experience. But, yeah you can say degree does matter as a proof somewhere in documents. At the end of the day, it’s you who’ll do things not your degree. I will try to add some more depth to this next time. Thank you.

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