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A Smartphone is a device with some more advanced and enhanced technology having computing connectivity, several social media activity as well as all the basic facilities of basic phone. The first Smartphone was introduced by IBM in 1993 and later Apple Inc produced the iPhone with multi screen touch interface. Normal cell phones can only make calls and have some more facilities like making video etc. But in this rapid fast time, this much of cell phone facility is not enough and for that Smartphone came into existence. Smartphone capability starts with the internet access facility to document editing, easy interaction with friends staying in a long distance and many other well developed facilities.

Enhanced & Robust Hardware & Software

The most important part in any Smartphone is the Operating system that manages the hardware and the Software resources. Different OS like Linux, Windows, and Symbian can be used in any Smartphone to make communication in between user and system. Considering about the application it is found that most of the Smartphone are based on Android Technology which is comfortable on any OS and user-friendly. Hardware in smartphones has advanced greatly with the Micro HDMI ports that connecting from mobile to TV and increased the camera resolution. The latest Android application and the enhanced micro ports have made the Smartphone robust and useful.

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Easy & Fast Internet Access

In recent times everyone has a bulky laptop and people tend to access internet using the broadband or Wi-Fi connection. To use this you need to sit at any place because it is not possible to use laptop while walking. But the new technologies Smartphone that consist of the latest enhanced features like Wi-Fi internet connection in your full-fledged computer plus phone in your pocket. If you are busy in messaging your friend then the ultra-sensitive touch screen facility helps you to type fast leaving less chance for any typo error. You can get the internet access at any place any point and any distance because of the wimax remote control in your mobile.


Social Media Integration

Talking in phone, messaging to friends has become easy through Smartphones. But the demand is related to worldwide and for that social media is the way that can connect you outside the country with your friends. Different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter have become the new megaphone for the Smartphone companies. In order to create a closer relationship with your business partners, friends and relatives; social media apps in smartphones provide the fastest platform to connect with them. Email marketing and social Media are mixed together and develop a well effective and interactive organization. This application helps to interact with any employee of your organization by promoting the email marketing which is secure as well as user-friendly.

Wide Variety of Apps

Very soon the Bluetooth enabled Smartphone door lock key will be available to make our property secure. Till now the traditional lock technology is in use but now the iphone technology has introduced the e-Key lock technology for quick and secure door lock. It is introduced from the well developed radio wave technology by adding some more ideas. Different handy applications like Transportation apps available that guides you on your traveling points. Document scanning for which you have to go for the scanning machine now available in Smartphone’s in the form on 3D scanners that helps to take a clear scan report. The researchers at ETH Zurich find out software that is compatible in all the Smartphone’s and easily you can scan a copy as well as can print it. There are millions of apps available in Google’s app store or in icloud by Apple catering to different needs of diverse people having wide range of interests.

Sync Facility

If you are a business person then you have to use different devices like laptops, different systems and PCs to communicate and to run the business, but if you are outside of your work area or office home then how can you access your official documents if any emergency situation arise? The solution is to store the data in clouds, synchronize all the system and make the accessibility available in your phone so that you can access multiple systems in one device which is possible in Smartphone. Synchronization facility in smartphones has increased the demand of smartphones sharply in recent times among customers.

High Quality Camera & Video Streaming

As Smartphone becoming ubiquitous and the shooting photos becoming highly fashionable for the people; that naturally compel the smartphone companies to add high resolution camera in their Verizon 4G products. To capture more pictures like the digital cameras the small tiny sensors introduced in smartphones help you to get a clean and clear image from a long distance. Optical image stabilization facility helps to take blur free images. Watching the live shows and TV programs is only possible through Laptop or PCs but now days you can also watch the video and TV shows in your Smartphone. Verizon’s 4G LTE facility in phones increased the data transmission speed that helps watch any shows easily. Different video streaming packages are available in market that are really useful and allow you to watch movies and other TV shows live. As example you can take Netflix, hulu plus etc; those are easy to access in Smartphone.

So, with all these overwhelming facilities and effective enhanced applications, it is easy to access the Worldwide Technology in a newest way at anytime and anywhere.

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  1. Ethan Baker says:

    I liked the post. Very brief and to the point! The data you have shared is useful for users like us. Everyone nowadays using smart phones but I don’t think they have sufficient knowledge which you have informed here. Anyone visit your blog will definitely feel glad and I am damn sure it certainly going to help all the viewers having interest to get more knowledge about Smartphone usages.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you liked it. Yes, it is very essential to know the complete features and the uses of all the apps if a are a Smartphone user and want to get the most of it.

  2. David Ward says:

    Smartphone is now becoming an integral part of life. Due to the additional features, Smartphone is becoming so much popular. Nowadays everyone need a phone not just to make calls but for something more. This article is very much relevant to let people know about the features and advantages of Smartphone. Addition of number of new apps, easy internet access, high quality camera etc attracts more number of users. Smartphone with different OS like Windows, Linux based Android etc are now available. I am also a Smartphone user and it is really awesome. This blog is a nice one to let people know the advantages of using Smartphone.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks for your feedback. It is really important to use Smartphone these days to know various things easily. You can get most of new trending information through your Smartphone.

  3. Jason Marin says:

    Smartphone in short means a phone with multitasking features and having various apps for different operations. Without multitasking one cannot have the complete utilization of his /her Smartphone as multitask gives you the ability to open Whatsapp and at the same time you can be also present on Google hangout .smart phone gives you the ability to read PDF and doc file. You can do your Office works also by using your Smartphone.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks for your comment. Smartphone use nowadays more necessary for the people and it is because of various reasons. Everyone is using Smartphone for infotainment while traveling and also in office for office work.

  4. Terrence Lewis says:

    Smart phones are associated with lots of smart features. Smartphones are not meant for calling purposes just like ordinary cell phones but it is providing lots of facilities. Such a nice article you have posted representing the important features and apps of smartphones. Synchronization facility is the most helpful feature and it makes the smartphones more demanding these days. Thanks for updating me.

    • digitadmin says:

      Smartphone is certainly helping you to make your car a Smart car. Using a Smart car is always going to be safer than other traditional cars when it comes to traffic management using car connection.

  5. Martin Young says:

    We all are having Smartphone because these are featured with advanced applications. Nice article you have posted here and I really appreciate it. Using applications we can perform all the tasks and won’t need to depend upon PC. Thanks for discussing on this topic and making me updated. Keep sharing.

    • digitadmin says:

      Welcome Martin. Smartphone these days do solve a lot of problems that we dealing with on daily basis.

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