Sad Man With Virus Affected Computer


Almost everyone seems to have a kind of heart attack hearing this.

Here it is not being discussed about a human virus but a computer virus. Although, both are same regarding their functioning aspect as both creates havoc in the human body and computer respectively when they attack these. Still, limit yourself to the computer virus for the time being.


A computer virus is actually a code that can replicate itself and spread from host to host destroying it completely. These nasty and disastrous programs are created by some individuals known as hackers to shatter the internet world. If you can peep into the beginning period of internet, no one was concerned with attack of virus as there were no such threats then. Gradually, with the increase in use of computers, the virus attacks increased and has reached heights at present. You can’t handle a system without an effective anti-virus package now. So, for your safety, know some facts about a computer virus.

Few most devastating Viruses ever seen till now:

  • Melissa
  • Code Red
  • Nimda
  • Klez
  • SQL Slammer
  • MyDoom
  • Storm worm
  • Conficker

Mechanism of attacking and spreading of computer Virus


In the absence of a programming like a document or a file, the computer virus cannot spread or copy itself. After being attached to a file or program, a virus remains dormant in your system. As soon as you run the program or open the file, the virus code gets executed and infects your device. As soon as the virus gets executed it also infects the other systems connected in the network. Corrupting files, stealing data or passwords, keystroke logging, spamming email contacts, etc are some of the horrible activities of a virus. Some viruses while are not so harmful others can create mayhem in your system by destroying your hard disk or erasing your crucial data.


Today in this web connected globe, you can hardly find any device not infected by virus. The medium of spreading for this virus are text message attachments, scam links of social media, unauthorized file download, useless apps download in your android phones. They remain disguised as greeting cards, funny pics, video or audio files, pop ups, etc which are socially shareable attachments.

Few hidden tunnels of an attacking computer virus

  • Social Media: Social media has conquered majority of population today and people blindly trust social media clicking on every messages, links, alerts that displays on their page. Thus, through this path a virus gets an easy access to attack one’s system.
  • Online Ads: As a result of software issues and poor passwords, maximum malware from unauthorized websites enter your system through these adds.
  • Mobile Malware: Utility is an app designed for the android phones and posted in google play. Whenever the android phone is connected to a system it infects the system.
  • User Stubbornness: Most of the users although know that the unknown pop ups and links should not be clicked on or opened but still they do so. Hence, in such cases you knowingly welcome a virus into your system which is your terrible mistake.

Shocked Woman Because of Slow Computer Performance

Symptoms that a computer has been virus affected

  • Unpredictable and random data loss.
  • More often computer crashes and freezes.
  • Slow and reduced performance of computer.
  • Unusual computer behavior.
  • Failure in booting.
  • Unknown error messages.

Intention behind Virus creation

People like hackers or cyber criminals create viruses with an ill intention in their mind. They create it for:

  • Stealing data and account information from others computer or device.
  • Creating trouble and problems by damaging the files, hard drive, etc or by altering the working of one’s system.
  • For making money: Some viruses are not that harmful apart from making your system slow so that the user’s info can be collected. The info thus, collected is used to send mails for advertising a business making him interested in the product or services.

No Virus In your System!

With the increase of computer viruses numerous virus preventing methods Computer Security have also been developed. Some antivirus software that run in the background and detect harmful viruses potentially blocking them needs to be installed. Along with having an antivirus software, follow these tips to make your system safe.

  • Update your antivirus protection regularly.
  • Use anti spyware software and a firewall.
  • Enhance your browser’s security setting.
  • Update the OS at constant interval.
  • Avoid unknown or doubtful websites.
  • Visit and download only from authorized sites.
  • Delete spam suspected emails and don’t open mails from unknown sender.

Latest from the anti-virus service Message Labs

Alex shipp from this lab has described a new virus “Goner” is spreading at tremendous rate and have crashed numerous systems in Britain. As per Alex, this virus detected in US but created in Europe mass mails itself and even destroys the anti-viruses in the system. It comes as “Hi, when I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it.

Device Security

Last Words!

Being informed about anything is the best weapon to fight any issue. By resourcing yourself with enough information viruses you get more aware of the threats to your device security. This, will help you to take precautions beforehand for such crisis making you less exposed to the viruses. Dear! By now you would have acquired enough idea about virus. So, take proper measures and let not the virus conquer you.

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