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A book is a set of illustrated, printed and information gathering interface that made from ink, paper and some other materials. But the most important part in a book is the information and message that the users can use it. But a flip book is quite different from a simple book in look, arrangement, and information and designing. Designing a book is very simple but to make a flipbook you have to use several software’s that can decorate the whole history. The series in a flip book varies from page to page in having several animated pictures with simulating motion that creates a happy chilled face in a child.


The first flip book appeared in Sept 1968 by John Barnes Linnett, with the name of a movie kineogrph which is a moving picture. The spectacular vision of the moving pictures needs the visual experiences on any space that can make the picture animated. Animation and moving images came into existence after lots of experiment on the photographic movement. Making the movable movies has its own creativity, some different types of thinking and different production techniques. In the earliest movies you can find some fashion, events, ran on not more than 10 minutes, but now it all depends upon the technology and entertainment that can possible through multimedia animation and flipping.

Technology Advancement Enhancing the Photography

Photography is the first medium that introduced different type of processes to advance the motion picture complexity which is driven by the technology, manipulated by the human inventive and creativeness. Instant photos are the starting phase of a professional photographer that can be modified by adding the effects of multimedia animation to a funny image. Technology advancement in the fields of camera, sound recording, editing making the job easier but these applications can’t change the ideas and the creativity of a filmmaker rather than to give a modified look.


Decoration of Flip Book

While decorating a flip book you have to look for several points like


It is the window of Flip Book that attracts the viewer’s towards it. You should be sure about the background color that must be attractive, pretty in look and eye catching.

2 Content:

You must include the digital effective flash copies along with the text, pictures etc.

3Book Information:

Information may not be eye catching but it will protect you from the copy right act. Better to use your imagination and thinking that can make the book unique and separate from other.

Video Recording and Printing to Flip Book

Flip clips are best seen in motion pictures that takes the short video clips and prints them into the flip books. Usually a video is more informative than text and stories. People prefer to have the motion pictures as well as some small videos in their flip book to make it more attractive and interactive. Better to keep videos that have been taken nearly because after printing to your flip book the distance images may not give a perfect look. You need to take a digitized camera that can give a perfect lighting and some more effects to make the video attractive and lighting. Digital cameras use an electronic version for video recording that simple creates some attractive image and arrange them in a succession to create a video. Take some video clips of short dances, performance and keep it in your flip book to make the moment memorize forever.

Flip Book

Software needed to make a Flip Book

Several types of software are available but you need to choose the best one according to your requirement. Just like the Flip movies 3.5 is the latest flip book making software which is easy to access and provides a lot of advance options that can make the page attractive and gives an efficient look. Flip page software helps to display your book in iphones, ipad touch and even in android powered sets. Flip book software allows you to create a hard cover at events and parties. The software makes your book interactive by adding some more effects like newspaper, magazine, annual reports etc.

Book Sharing

After creating your special flip book you may want to share it with your friends, family relatives and you can do that very easily. You can send it through email or else publish the book in any of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter that may make available the book to your friends. You can also share the book in YouTube for popularity of your creativity. An iFlipBook application is available that helps to share the book in social media.
It is concluded from the above discussions that you have to follow the steps carefully while making a Flip book. Better to use the software to create the book with all your creativity and imagination and share your ideas in social media using application.

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  1. Simon says:

    This is really a interesting and very informative blog about photography. I think Flip book is the most easiest and helpful process to make the memories live at any moment. A professional photographer can make the photographs attractive beautiful but in case of Flip anyone can make it interesting by using the software. SO I must say that this blog id one of the best way of representation of photography.

  2. Joyce Meyer says:

    Nice and easy way to make the memories everlasting and alive. As it’s the age of technology evolution and advancement of our presentation and restoration of memories to make it lively present it in future then it’s the best way to use Flip book. But I got to know the fact about the selection of proper software from your blog so that only can helpful to maintain and store my memories in right place.

  3. digitadmin says:

    Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, Flip book is a kind of software that really helps us to store some memorable photos and images.

  4. Tammy Arthur says:

    Thank you for posting an interesting & informative article on Photography & making flip books. Flip book makes memorable moment for a person which is precious for him. There are certain methods and software to make flip books which are very essential for a photographer.

  5. digitadmin says:

    Thanks for the comment Tammy. I’m glad that the post was informational. Have a nice day!

  6. Grace Lee says:

    Thanks for posting such a beautiful article. The description of making flip book will be appreciated by all the readers. In the era of technology, people want to capture all their memories in pictures and videos. Flip book making is very easy and anyone can make it according to his/her own choice. Flipbook making software helps to display flip books in iPhones and iPads. We can also share flip books with our friends and relatives. Just choose the software as you like. There are number of software available. Flip movies 3.5 is the latest flip book making software.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks for your comment Grace. Everyone loves to share their memories with friends and relatives. Flipbook certainly helps to make this easier for them.

  7. Chris rodrguez says:

    Flip book is one of the most lovable things to collect memories which you don’t want to erase from your thoughts. It makes your memories more interesting as it’s a collection of pictures to describe a whole moment. A photo has to be photogenic to look more attractive and beautiful and to make your memory something like that you have to make a collection of those photos by the help of any Flipbook software available in the market. Flip movies is a good Flipbook software and also useful one.

    • digitadmin says:

      Thanks for your comment. Flipbook software is very useful to make one’s memories live for long. I like this article and you have everything perfectly.

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