Spy cameras! A friend of mine screamed out. After some seconds she went to the trial room of a big shopping mall. She got frightened with anger.

It was a tiny camera built on the extreme right corner of this small room. But still how could she even sense that? It can barely be visible to the shopaholics. Well, maybe she is not.

And many more cases revolving round and round nearby us!

So it would be better if we get to know everything about it clearly, right? Below see what really a spy camera is.

Spy Camera

What this spy camera is?

In a simple sentence, a spy camera is a very tiny camera which is in hidden position or disguised in another comparatively big object. This makes the cornea of your naked eye very hard to detect. Hence if you’re being watched or monitored, each of your movement can easily be perceived by the snooper from another convenient place.

Ever felt like getting snooped?

No worry. We have some solution for you later in this article. Read on…

Types of Spy Camera

Are you wondering; Do spy cameras come in different types like the different types of chicken recipes?

Well it is. Everything gets a makeover after certain period of uses to satisfy the never-ending wants of human being and so this camera is. It is categorized according to the design and uses. See here.

  • Wired spy cameras
  • Wireless spy cameras
  • Built-in DVR spy cameras
  • Internet spy cameras
  • Nanny spy cameras
  • Body worn spy cameras

Don’t you want to know the details?

Here we go…

Wired Spy Cameras

  • These are the spy cameras with some wire connected to the external displaying or recording device.
  • Though the cost of the wired spy camera might attract you, but the installation is difficult as you have to completely conceal the wiring system.
  • However, this is reliable and gives an uninterrupted video recording unlike the wireless cameras without any signal interference.

Wireless Spy Cameras

  • These are the spy cameras with cordless feature and the video footage gets transmitted over the air to the displaying and recording device.
  • The installation process is easier and absolutely there is no tension of any connecting cables and cords.
  • But the cost is higher than the wired cameras and can’t be reliable as there could be interference in the receiving signals.

Built-in DVR Spy Cameras

  • These are the advanced version of spy cameras having self-recording capability.
  • Here the built-in digital video recorder records the video footages in a SD card and no cable connection is required. So it makes the installation process easy.
  • Also there is a motion-detection mode through which the DVR starts recording only when it detects motion of any object.
  • This is not for the live monitoring; you can only check the video after completion of the recording process by just inserting the SD card in your computer.

Internet IP Spy Cameras

  • IP cameras are the more advanced one through which you can access the secret videos from the internet anywhere you want to in the real time.
  • These can be wired or wireless depending upon the design but normally it’s operated by a WI-FI network while making the installation process simple.
  • Video resolution is better than other cameras and it’s easy to use.

Nanny Spy Cameras

  • These spy cameras are disguised as everyday household equipment may it be clock, teddy, speakers etc. it could be anything. So that nobody can detect these cameras easily without any information.
  • Here in your absence, you can keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter whether your child is safe with her or not? Or check on your spouse whether you are being cheated or not?
  • These are affordable to your pocket and the installation process is easy enough.

Body Worn Spy Cameras

  • This one is the result of immense advancement in covert industries. Here you can spy on the person you want to while moving from here to there.
  • These are easy to set up and can capture clarity videos.
  • Camera gets attached to everyday wearable objects like the ties, glasses, watches, shirt bottoms, headphones, handbags etc.

A Basic Idea on How the Spy Cameras work?

As the cameras are of different designs, their working procedure also differs from each other. So here is a basic brief idea you should know. See below…

  • Three devices basically needed; a board camera, a recorder such as DVR or VCR, and a monitor to watch the videos.
  • The tiny camera is placed in an everyday used object.
  • In case of a wired camera, the cables connected directly with the recording device.
  • In case of wireless camera, there is a built-in transmitter which transmits signals to the receiver of the recording device.
  • Then after connecting the recording device with your displaying device you’ll be able to see the secret videos.

How to Find There is a Spy Camera Built-in

You are looking for this part for sure as I’ve mentioned above. Isn’t it? See below…

  • First check if there are any susceptible holes or black dots in the walls or home appliances like flower pots, furniture, smoke detectors, teddy bears, tissue box, wall clocks etc.
  • Or, take help of a wireless spy cam detector which detects signals of a wireless transmitting devices and will warn you instantly.
  • Or, use iPhone or android camera detecting apps which are programmed to work on the same way as the detector device.
  • Or, use your cellphone and try to make a call. If you hear there is some buzzing noise comes from the phone, confirm yourself that there is a hidden camera because its electromagnetic field is interfering with your call and creating noise.
  • Or, turn off all the lights and look around to see if there is a small green or red led light is coming from anywhere or not? If coming, then be sure, there is a camera with microphone.

Security Camera

Final Thought

Technology is like a two-edged sword. You can use this spy camera to add security to your belongings and at the same time the same camera can be used by some pervert to fulfill their ill-intention.

So if you feel that you are getting watched by someone else, try the above mentioned methods and protect your privacy.

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  1. Linda Bolton says:

    You’re right “technology is like a two-edged sword”. “The spy cameras”, some of us uses it for safety purpose and some to fulfill their ill-intention. Anyways, this article is really a nice one. We should know about how to detect whether there is a spy around us or not. I think the best option is to install the android camera detecting app. It would be the easiest way to get to the conclusion within less time. Thanks.

    • digitadmin says:

      You’re welcome, Linda. Alternatively you can go for a wireless spy camera detector device. It would be even much better.

  2. Donnie Mills says:

    Some of the big shopping malls and hotels etc. are carrying hidden cameras with some evil intentions. Therefore, we people need to be aware of these things. I found the 2nd last passage of this article the most important that describes how to detect the spy cameras. Thanks for sharing.

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