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Are you planning to buy a camera? I guess, like others you must also be wondering over the concern “which camera to buy?” Simple to hear but this simple question has lot of confusions in itself. Even though you scroll through numerous reviews you might not end at a desired conclusion. Apart from

6 Popular Types of Photography You Should Know About

Posted On: August 11th, 2016    By: digitadmin  To  Photography

The stunning photographs we see every day on the internet or newspapers or some other places are the contribution of a wide range of photographers. And not every photographer be the best in every type of photography. Some are interested in wildlife photography, some are lured by the landscape photography,

It’s obvious that, those who have a high-quality costly DSLR in their hand; they have the dream to be a famous professional photographer one day! But only possession of these cameras doesn’t help anybody to get an eye-catching photo. You need to learn a plenty of photography techniques and should

What Will Photography Be Like In The Future?

Posted On: November 4th, 2015    By: digitadmin  To  Photography

What will photography be like in the future? This question creates an array of imaginative ideas in our mind. It is easy to look at the past and see how much we advanced but to predict the future is pretty daunting. It is difficult to imagine what the future holds for photography. With everything turning

FLIP BOOK: Make Your Memories Photogenic

Posted On: June 14th, 2014    By: digitadmin  To  Photography

A book is a set of illustrated, printed and information gathering interface that made from ink, paper and some other materials. But the most important part in a book is the information and message that the users can use it. But a flip book is quite different from a simple book in look, arrangement, and

How to become a Professional Photographer without a Degree

Posted On: November 16th, 2013    By: digitadmin  To  Photography

When you go out looking for obtaining photography services, it is not uncommon to find degree holding and experienced professionals in the business of photography. If you look out, you would invariably be able to find schools and colleges in your country; some could well be situated in your own town

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