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How to Fix a CD Scratch and Avoid Burning Errors

Posted On: March 17th, 2017    By: digitadmin  To  CD & DVD

Well acquainted with the CD and DVD almost everyone knows the basic things about them like what it is, its function. You are no way an exception. Do you know how to burn data into the CD/DVD safely? Do you have any idea about fixing a scratched CD for reuse? Very few have an idea […]

Long before the CDs and the likes, we had portable data storage media such as floppy disks. This was around the early 70s and used to be 8 inches in size. “Floppy” because they were flexible. Soon it gave way to 5¼ inch floppy disks, storing up to 1.2Mb. Around the 80s we saw the […]

CD Duplication And CD Replication: Know The Difference

Posted On: December 21st, 2013    By: digitadmin  To  CD & DVD

CDs are used today not only for distributing movies and music but as an economical and storage media for software, books, training courses, sales tools, buying guides and more. Many people are ignorant of difference between CD duplication and CD replication. Some prefer CD replication than duplication.

Tips To Take Care Of Your DVDs And DVD Players

Posted On: November 19th, 2013    By: digitadmin  To  CD & DVD

21 Tips to take care of your CDs & DVDs

Posted On: November 6th, 2013    By: digitadmin  To  CD & DVD

Much like tapes in cassettes or spools and lacquer records, CDs and DVDs although much advanced, are prone to wear and tear. In its life time it moves so many times. Despite all claims, the data is not guaranteed to stay for all the time to come. Pre-recorded, branded and reputable Blue Discs could last

Know What is DVD Duplication

Posted On: September 28th, 2013    By: digitadmin  To  CD & DVD

DVD is a digital optical disc storage device, invented and developed by Sony, Philips and Panasonic in 1995. DVDs have higher storage capacity than compact discs (CD) although having the same dimensions. DVD-ROM are pre-recorded DVDs which are produced in mass using molding machines that physically input

Tips On DVD Duplication Business Requirements

Posted On: September 7th, 2013    By: digitadmin  To  CD & DVD

In starting any business, the issue that nags one more is the one that deals with overhead costs. All businesses operate out of a physical location. If this location is where one would expect to meet his clients, vendors and stakeholders, it would need to convey an adequately professional image. Although

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