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Looking to buy your first laptop computer? Hundreds of suggestions you might be getting from your friends or families before you own that shiny pink-colored laptop of your choice. Isn’t it? So, are the suggestions are helping you or confusing you? And I’m sure it’s confusing you; a lot! Well, No worry! Everyone feels like you only before spending several hundreds of dollars. That it will be last for long or not; how much reliable it will be; can I play that latest FIFA world cup game without any lag; will the battery die after some months—these types of mixed feelings must be popping up on your mind right now. For sure!

But not anymore! Now time has come to put full stop on this restlessness situation!

Help yourself to read these 5 important things that will surely help you to choose the best one with much ease. See below…

First See How Much Money You Can Afford

Budget! This is the first thing to consider before considering anything else. Because everyone wishes to buy the latest model laptop of the topmost brand with the latest configuration which costs more than four times or more they actually can afford.

So price is the factor which has the ultimate power to narrow down your choice options. Because the less option you have in your list, the easier it will be to buy. So first fix your budget and take help of some good laptop selling websites to filter out the laptops that are out of your range.

How You’ll Use the Laptop?

This is the second step in your search process. You can narrow down the options more by analyzing how you’re going to use the laptop. Is it only for surfing web, chatting with your friends through Skype or other social networking mediums, or shopping online from different e-commerce sites? If yes, then you can go for the entry level configurations with the lowest price. No issue with it!

But if you want to multitask by opening number of tabs and programs, edit videos or photos, play high resolution games online or offline, watching streaming movies—then you have to look for a high configuration laptop with an advanced graphics card which will cost you more.

Does Size and Weight Matter to you?

As different sizes and weights of laptops are available in the market, it may add complications in your buying process. So see below how to choose the right size and weight of laptop if this matters to you.

Lady Using Laptop

  • It again comes to the usability of your laptop—how you’ll use it and how portability is important to you? You can choose a laptop between 11 to 13 inch screens and weight 3 lbs. or less than it; if you want to perform the basic things only like checking emails and surfing internet.
  • Laptops with a screen sizes vary between 14 to 15 inches and weight 4–5 lbs. are the most popular. It’s the perfect blend of power, performance and portability.
  • And if you are a passionate gamer who want to play high resolution games in a big screen or have the desire to enjoy movies like theaters—go for a 17 to 18 inch screen size with a weight of 6 lbs. or more. But here you have to compromise with the portability.

Looking For Any Particular Operating System?

Operating system also plays a major role in your buying process. Here also you may get confused that which OS platform you should choose? To be frank, every OS has its own weaknesses and strengths.

Below are some useful tips about different operating systems you should consider.

  • Talking about windows, it is the most used and popular OS platform globally. Because it supports almost all the software and hardware. Also it’s quite affordable and available in wide range of price tag. But less secured than Mac OS. Go for it if you’re accustomed to windows and feel really cool to use.
  • Mac OS—it is believed as more user-friendly in comparison to the windows OS. It works seamlessly with all the apple products. Less chances of malware and viruses in this OS. But the price range of an Apple Laptop is comparatively much higher than its competitors. So if you’re interested in operate and learn a new OS—get one.
  • Now the chrome OS from Google is getting more popular as it’s very cheap and powerful too. But it can’t be used for high-end use as most of its programs are cloud-based only.

Hardware Configurations

This part is the most confusing thing in the entire buying process and a never ending topic! Well, I’ll make it simple for you and will narrow down your search process further. See below.


A processor always speeds up your multitasking ability. So the more advanced and more cored processor you choose- the higher will be the price and the faster will be your working process.


RAM increases the amount of multitasking works in your computer and makes the programs fast accessed. To run a high resolution 3D game seamlessly without any lag you need to purchase the highest GB of RAM.

Hard Drive

Hard drives will store all the files you want to keep. Two types of storage devices are available in the market named—

  • Traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
  • Solid-State Drives (SSD)

Solid state drives are way faster than the traditional hard disk drives. But you have to spend a lot of money for the SSDs. In the other hand you can get even 1 TB of HDD in a very less price than SSDs.

So, it’s your choice whether you want speed or more space in your computer!

Kids Playing Game on Laptop

Battery Life

This is the factor which nobody wants to have a lower grade thing in their laptop. Manufacturers often boast that their battery life lasts for longer period; but this may not be true in practical use. And the fact is—the higher your laptop processing power, the higher your computer resolution, the higher the brightness level is—the lesser will be the battery life.

So do your own calculations, check reviews and wisely choose it! Never get manipulated by the sales person’s marketing words.

Are You Brand-Conscious

If you’re brand conscious and crazy about some particular brands—go for it!

But check its warranty period, technical support, and analyze reviews before closing the deal!

Final words

There are many other things that you should consider before buying laptop, but these are the vital factors that will surely narrow down your search process a lot.

But the most important one is—choose the laptop as per your needs! This can save you hundreds of dollars. So share your experience with us if you’ve purchased a laptop recently or looking forward to buy one!

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  1. Allen Fletcher says:

    Laptops with various features are available in the market. We just need to find out the one that suits our preferences. We all consider the hardware configuration part as the most important, it should be as per our use. Well, this post is just a nice guidance for those willing to buy a new laptop. Really helpful!

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