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How to Fix a CD Scratch and Avoid Burning Errors

Friday, March 17th, 2017


Well acquainted with the CD and DVD almost everyone knows the basic things about them like what it is, its function. You are no way an exception.

Do you know how to burn data into the CD/DVD safely? Do you have any idea about fixing a scratched CD for reuse? Very few have an idea about this. So, let’s make it wide known among all and to you also.

Scratch Locating

  • Scratches perpendicular to the spirals of the CD running out from the center to the rim are harmless and doesn’t affect the playing of the CD. When the scratches continue just along the direction of the spiral then there are chances of consecutive data bits loss which results in the loss of data.
  • Suppose there are many scratches but the CD stops at only one or two points then you can determine the approximate location of the scratch based on which track skips. The first track on a CD begins near the center and the play direction proceeds outward to the edge.
  • Before moving to any scratch fixing step ensure that the CD indeed has a scratch. If no scratch is found then the fault lies in other things like surface dirt or player disorder.

Fixing the CD Scratches

When due to scratches playing of the CD is interrupted with a minor problem even, people throw away the CD assuming it to be completely damaged. This is not so. You can repair the scratches on your CD at home. Look into these methods:

Rubbing Compound (Polish) Method

This synthetic product has beat every other option in resurfacing a Scratched CD worst scratched CD. You need only a dab of this. You have been advised by many experts to polish the CD along with the direction of its radius i.e. from the center to the outside. Since, small circular scratches are capable enough to throw off the laser tracking system of the player this is a worth advice.

At the same time, it can’t be ignored that today’s tracking systems are much more advanced than that of the early 90’s. You can also opt for circle polishing of the compound if you want the breakdown of the rubbing compound to its final stage.

Breakdown of the compound generally denotes to the grit in it which has been designed to scratch the surface and wear down the deep scratches until they reach the same height of the rest CD. The heavy grit breaks down into fine grit units over the scratched surface giving a mirror polished surface.

Both the circular and the radius polishing method work well. You can choose as per your preference.

May Prefer Waxing

Using a car wax coat is not a bad choice. The carnauba wax which is a natural wax made from leaves will be great choice as it’s environmentally friendly and strong too. It has three benefits or you may say it’s a 3 in 1 purpose element due to this:
It fills up the deep scratches.
It prevents any further scratches on the disk in the future.
It keeps the dirt and dust away from the resurfaced CD in the future.

A Resurfacing Remedy from your Home

This method is applicable if the scratches are not too deep. The toothpaste with a gritty substance in it, polishes and cleans the CD surface by gently scratching the enamel. You need to consider a simple toothpaste like a normal white one.

Squeeze a bit on the surface and rub it in a center to outside swiping motion with your fingers. Until the CD is covered with a thin layer of toothpaste continue rubbing. You can rub the toothpaste around the circle several times if it has the worst scratch.

Once finished with rubbing the toothpaste, hold the CD under running water until you get your desired smoothness and leave it to dry following which clean it with a soft cloth.

CD Burning Mistakes to be Avoided

Deficient Media Usage

Every blank disc is not equal. The discs created using the DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs won’t work when you pop it into the CD tray. To stay away from this scenario ensure to use the best possible DVD you can get. You may have to spend a bit more but, that bit more will save you from many frustrations regarding the CD further.

Not Checking the Disk before Burning

Most of the times the defective discs get damaged while CD Burning being shipped or handled. So, before burning you must make a thorough checking of the disc for scratches, splotches, peeling, and cracks. This will save your and the DVD drive time in reading a defective disc.

Using the non-Compatible options

Sometimes when using the non-compatible options the discs may not work properly and can’t also read the data into them. When you are burning a multifunctional DVD which can be played in different players or drives, ensuring wide capability is crucial. Thus, always make sure to use a compatible setting.

Outdated Software

Outdated or corrupted software bring about burning errors in the disc. So, it’s quite mandatory to keep the software updated. The software designers make patches as a remedy for the anomalies detected. You can just turn your blind eyes to all the unwanted troubles by registering your burning software and regularly updating it.

Multitasking while Burning

Many of the users make various programs run in the background while burning the disc. This is a wrong practice. Never run other programs especially the one using the system resource in the background to have a fruitful burning process. Only when the burning attains 100% you can launch any program you like.

Be a Turtle!

It’s true nobody prefers to wait but sometimes going too fast may make you pay a lot for it. The DVD burners and the multifunctional optical drives are just marvelous inventions that can accomplish writing off millions of data bytes each second to the disc perfectly.

After all, they are machines operating at thousands of revolutions per minute and hence are not completely faultless. So, don’t be in a hurry have patience and select an adequate speed of around 8X to have an error free CD/DVD replication.

CD with CD Box

Parting Shot

Although temperamental sometimes, but the CD/DVD are a major part of our digital life. They are the cheapest and reliable form of storage that you can get till now. Thus, avoiding such burning mistakes and getting rid of the scratches on them you can get an efficient data storage space in them.

Smart Kitchen-The Family’s Gathering Place gets Smarter

Monday, December 26th, 2016

There is nothing left to say about a smart world. Whatever you see is some or the another way has become or going to be smart. The tide of this technological advancement has also reached the shores of the kitchen of your home.

Yes! It’s about the smart kitchen which a few times back was a dream but a common truth at present. The kitchen that is leading into future of connected and sustainable home is called a smart kitchen. It is a complete package of the environment-friendly and technology designs.

Smart Kitchen

Why should you have a smart kitchen?

Before planning to make your kitchen a smart one, you should first get convinced why you should do so or why you should make an investment on that. The reason is the convenience that a smarter technology offer to the users.

Smart technology has already conquered the gadgets, audio-visual, lighting, heating equipment and other appliances in your house. This technology that facilitates controlling something using a smartphone or a tablet has just awestruck the consumers.

This advancement has expanded its horizon beyond the home appliances mentioned above and has engulfed the kitchen appliances like the refrigerators, dishwashers washing machines, and many other kitchen items also. Since the present generation is more attached to the web world, they find this method of controlling devices with the help of their gadgets connected through Bluetooth or the internet more preferable. After other home appliances, kitchens are on the verge of being smart.

There is an app that controls all the kitchen appliances. These appliances connected by the apps makes the lives of the users easy. By delegating many options and more tasks they contribute to your time and effort saving. They provide you with many details about your kitchen items which you can hardly imagine to have.

Smart kitchen Benefits

The main aim of developing a smart kitchen are:

  • Complete control: You get a complete remote control over the kitchen appliances through your smartphone apps. This way you program the functioning of the appliances as per your preferences. This is quite helpful if you are quite busy throughout the week.
  • Risk Eradication: The kitchen holds many causes of disasters or physical harms in it. Thus, the remote control technology or the smart kitchen is a kind of life saver. You need not go near the appliances to check them rather you can sit on your couch and look into your kitchen appliance through your smartphone.
  • More Convenient: The Bluetooth through which the appliances are connected among themselves allows them to communicate with each other.
  • Enhanced Expertise: The smart kitchen can teach you many new tricks of cooking food. This is the reason why many foodies prefer smart kitchen as it will make them the best cook. The smart devices in a smart kitchen help to sharpen your cooking skills.

Appliances in a Smart Kitchen

Tefal Actifry Smart XL

This fryer is powered by the Bluetooth that lets you fire over the food straight from your tablet or smartphones. In this, you don’t need to bother about the temperature for the food to be cooked or the interval of stirring. The fryer does all these for you.

The app that controls this fryer gives you a full video layout of the parts that the fryer can’t do. This device takes just a bit of oil to cook the food. So, it’s a boon for the health conscious ones.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Some wines require years of cellaring. Thus, this decanter softens the tannins mature wine by aerating your wine with highly concentrated purified oxygen. In this decanter, you are also provided with a smart base along with a digital screen for showing you the wine name, its vintage, and progress of aeration.

There is an app which lets you control the device, collect info about various winemakers and add aeration programs.


For those who want to make their homemade cocktails a slurping one, this is a great appliance for them. You will have the Mojitos or the Old Fashioned ready with a single touch of the button.

The Somabar will do this for you by using a cocktail list in the linked app and dishwasher proof ingredient pods. Even you have the option of choosing the strength of machine mixes.

Smart Plate

If you are somebody who is quite conscious about your calorie intake and have a habit of feeding your calorie intake through food tracking apps then, the smart plate is your thing. This plate comes with weighing sensors and a mini camera.

It is enabled by both WiFi and Bluetooth. It figures out what you are eating along with doling out proper portions. There is also an app synchronized with the plate which automatically notifies you if you eat more.

Smart Thinq Cooker

Its app is compatible with the Homechatapp and the ecosystem. This smart cooker not only hooks up with the other connected kit through WiFi but also can be controlled from far away.

This cooking app lets you cook with precision, a time frame and thousands of pre-set temperature. In case you burn your food then the smart self-cleaning feature is there for it.

Smart Fridge

It’s obvious you would prefer to have a fridge that orders your food online according to the availability in its stock. This refrigerator has an embedded camera in it which monitors the food, takes a snap whenever the door is closed.

This also checks the items for spoilage risk and alerts you about any food which has been kept for long or is on the verge of spoiling. The sophisticated temperature and humidity sensors are accessible through the fridge’s network hub.

Apart from all these, it also offers built-in speaker, weather alerts, news alerts, seasonal recipe ideas.

Couple Using Smartphone in Kitchen

Final Thoughts

When there is an option of renovating the kitchen into a smart kitchen, people generally retrace their path. This is because they have a general opinion that renovating the kitchen into a smart one will make a huge hole in their pocket. In reality, this is not the truth. Actually, the smart kitchen doesn’t hamper your budget rather it enhances the value of your home dramatically. Smart kitchen being a combo of technology and earth-friendly aspect improves both the functionality and energy efficiency of your home. Smart kitchen is just astounding. So, don’t wait and let your guests witness a smart kitchen in your home soon.

Get Acquainted with the Malignant Virus and Clean it Fast

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Sad Man With Virus Affected Computer


Almost everyone seems to have a kind of heart attack hearing this.

Here it is not being discussed about a human virus but a computer virus. Although, both are same regarding their functioning aspect as both creates havoc in the human body and computer respectively when they attack these. Still, limit yourself to the computer virus for the time being.


A computer virus is actually a code that can replicate itself and spread from host to host destroying it completely. These nasty and disastrous programs are created by some individuals known as hackers to shatter the internet world. If you can peep into the beginning period of internet, no one was concerned with attack of virus as there were no such threats then. Gradually, with the increase in use of computers, the virus attacks increased and has reached heights at present. You can’t handle a system without an effective anti-virus package now. So, for your safety, know some facts about a computer virus.

Few most devastating Viruses ever seen till now:

  • Melissa
  • Code Red
  • Nimda
  • Klez
  • SQL Slammer
  • MyDoom
  • Storm worm
  • Conficker

Mechanism of attacking and spreading of computer Virus


In the absence of a programming like a document or a file, the computer virus cannot spread or copy itself. After being attached to a file or program, a virus remains dormant in your system. As soon as you run the program or open the file, the virus code gets executed and infects your device. As soon as the virus gets executed it also infects the other systems connected in the network. Corrupting files, stealing data or passwords, keystroke logging, spamming email contacts, etc are some of the horrible activities of a virus. Some viruses while are not so harmful others can create mayhem in your system by destroying your hard disk or erasing your crucial data.


Today in this web connected globe, you can hardly find any device not infected by virus. The medium of spreading for this virus are text message attachments, scam links of social media, unauthorized file download, useless apps download in your android phones. They remain disguised as greeting cards, funny pics, video or audio files, pop ups, etc which are socially shareable attachments.

Few hidden tunnels of an attacking computer virus

  • Social Media: Social media has conquered majority of population today and people blindly trust social media clicking on every messages, links, alerts that displays on their page. Thus, through this path a virus gets an easy access to attack one’s system.
  • Online Ads: As a result of software issues and poor passwords, maximum malware from unauthorized websites enter your system through these adds.
  • Mobile Malware: Utility is an app designed for the android phones and posted in google play. Whenever the android phone is connected to a system it infects the system.
  • User Stubbornness: Most of the users although know that the unknown pop ups and links should not be clicked on or opened but still they do so. Hence, in such cases you knowingly welcome a virus into your system which is your terrible mistake.

Shocked Woman Because of Slow Computer Performance

Symptoms that a computer has been virus affected

  • Unpredictable and random data loss.
  • More often computer crashes and freezes.
  • Slow and reduced performance of computer.
  • Unusual computer behavior.
  • Failure in booting.
  • Unknown error messages.

Intention behind Virus creation

People like hackers or cyber criminals create viruses with an ill intention in their mind. They create it for:

  • Stealing data and account information from others computer or device.
  • Creating trouble and problems by damaging the files, hard drive, etc or by altering the working of one’s system.
  • For making money: Some viruses are not that harmful apart from making your system slow so that the user’s info can be collected. The info thus, collected is used to send mails for advertising a business making him interested in the product or services.

No Virus In your System!

With the increase of computer viruses numerous virus preventing methods Computer Security have also been developed. Some antivirus software that run in the background and detect harmful viruses potentially blocking them needs to be installed. Along with having an antivirus software, follow these tips to make your system safe.

  • Update your antivirus protection regularly.
  • Use anti spyware software and a firewall.
  • Enhance your browser’s security setting.
  • Update the OS at constant interval.
  • Avoid unknown or doubtful websites.
  • Visit and download only from authorized sites.
  • Delete spam suspected emails and don’t open mails from unknown sender.

Latest from the anti-virus service Message Labs

Alex shipp from this lab has described a new virus “Goner” is spreading at tremendous rate and have crashed numerous systems in Britain. As per Alex, this virus detected in US but created in Europe mass mails itself and even destroys the anti-viruses in the system. It comes as “Hi, when I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it.

Device Security

Last Words!

Being informed about anything is the best weapon to fight any issue. By resourcing yourself with enough information viruses you get more aware of the threats to your device security. This, will help you to take precautions beforehand for such crisis making you less exposed to the viruses. Dear! By now you would have acquired enough idea about virus. So, take proper measures and let not the virus conquer you.

Confused to Pick a DSLR or Point & Shoot Camera? Check this out

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Photographer in Desert

Are you planning to buy a camera? I guess, like others you must also be wondering over the concern “which camera to buy?” Simple to hear but this simple question has lot of confusions in itself. Even though you scroll through numerous reviews you might not end at a desired conclusion. Apart from this, photography covers a vast range of aspects and every user has his own preferences and requirements of photography. If you peep into the depth of photography, you will realize actually there are no bad cameras. It all depends upon the types of photos you want to take. Moreover, for some people it also depends on how convenient and easy is the camera for them to use. In a nutshell, you have to first decide what you want to accomplish and then move ahead to select the right tool that suits your need. So, before you take your decision, enrich yourself with enough information about the cameras to make a wise decision.

Some Factors to Consider While Buying A Camera


The relative measure of the diameter of the camera’s lens opening is known as aperture. A wider aperture is created by minimum f-numbers with f/2.8 and the lowest being the extremes, while blocking of more light is signified by the higher ones.


Modern cameras have a facility of adjustable ISO. Higher ISO produces brighter images. The maximum ISO is affected by the noise reduction and sensor quality of a camera.

Lens Sharpness

You can distinguish well between the colors and the edges in sharp photos only. Retrieved back from their maximum settings, the sharpest lenses at f/4 are typically f/1.8 or f/1.4 lenses. Being extremely wide some lenses produce distortion.

Sensor Size

Larger sensors produce better quality photos as more light is taken in at a time. Price is almost proportional to sensor size.

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed manages the span of time the camera takes to collect the light. Its measurement is a fraction of seconds. Higher the shutter speed the more you get blur-free shots and lower the speed you get the risk of getting blurry pictures.

Pros and Cons Of DSLR and a Point & Shoot Camera

DSLR Camera

DSLR as a boon

  • Have complete hold of the field depth: With the aperture control of the lens, you can either have everything in focus or isolate any part you like in the photo. This way you can create an eye catching and unique image.
  • Perfect Light Sensitivity: A DSLR lets you to capture images in a very dim environment which would not have been possible with a point shoot camera.
  • Photo Quality: These have larger image sensors allowing for larger pixel images. They are used at faster ISO leading to less grain and faster speed.
  • See while you Shoot: It consists of reflex mirrors allowing you to see through the lens rather than through hole in a camera.
  • Speed of focus and shutter: It has the capacity to take numerous shots per second as it acquires focus very fast. This quality of it makes it the main tool for sports and professional action photography.
  • Using different lens Potential: Based on your need, you can mount a wide range of lens starting from telephoto to super wide angle. Optically its lenses are much perfect.
  • Variable Control: It has numerous control buttons, you will find on it for various operations.
  • Weather sealing: Severely cold weather, rain, snow, moisture and dust can be endured by the DSLR.


  • Complexity: This is quite difficult to work with. After buying, you need to invest a lot of time to get acquainted with its operations.
  • Its Size and Weight: Its size and weight makes it difficult to hold the camera for which you need to learn the holding technique.
  • High Maintenance Cost: Its maintaining cost is quite high as compared to the point and shoot camera.
  • Price Tag is High: As compared to the point and shoot cameras, these are expensive. Even an entry-level DSLR can cost more than an advanced point and shoot camera.

Point and shoot Camera

Point and Shoot Camera Benefits

  • Fixed Lens: No extra job of changing lenses as these come with fixed lenses.
  • Massive Field Depth: It can’t separate any background from the foreground rather takes everything into focus, giving a sharp photo.
  • Price: As you know, it is always cheaper to buy and maintain.
  • Size: These easily fits into the size of the pocket and can be carried anywhere in the pocket.
  • Weight: Being light in weight, most of the point and shoot cameras don’t need any extra carrying baggage to carry around. However, some latest point and shoot cameras with their super zoom quality seem to be heavier and bigger.

Point and shoot Camera Drawbacks

  • Dark Photography: These can’t capture photos in the night.
  • Large Field Depth: Nothing can be done to separate the backgrpound and the subject.
  • Not flexible: Lenses can’t be changed or no extra lenses can be mounted. Even the external accessories are restricted only to the brand of camera.
  • No wide angle shots: As most of the cameras consists of lenses of 30-35 mm, much of the view can’t be adjusted in the lens screen.
  • Photo Quality: These cameras with smaller sensor size compromise on the quality of the image.


After going through this piece of information, you might have better judged which would be better to buy. Broadly, if you compare the advantages and disadvantages of a DSLR and a point shoot camera, you will find the disadvantages of a DSLR to be quite minor and benefits to be major while vice-versa in case of a point and shoot camera.

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Gaming Console

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Game Controller

Like anything buying a gaming console for you or your kids is also a confusing task. And it’s obvious! Spending so much money on a single device is not joke. From a wide number of brands, budgets, features and a no. of other factors, it needs a thorough research from you to choose the perfect gaming console.

The big players in this video gaming market is Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s Wii. These three are the strong contenders of video game console and each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Well, here is a well researched guide that will help you to buying the perfect gaming console.

For Whom You’re Buying?

Yes, this is the first question you should ask yourself. Knowing the person who is going to play video games will make your search process one step complete.

Father & Son Playing Video Game

If you’re buying for small children, then you no need to opt for the high-end graphics or technology. In such case, you need a simple system that should be easy to control and the features should be understandable without much technical knowledge. This type of consoles are also suited for the other members of your family who play casually.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing for a hardcore gamer, then choose the most advanced one. Because they are supposed to play the most challenging games which need the latest specifications to run flawlessly.

Set a Budget

Budget is an important factor to consider to minimize your buying options. As there a number of consoles available in the market with varied features and accessories, their prices also vary. So here according to your need, set a budget first that you can afford.

Not everyone can afford the latest released consoles with additional features than its predecessors. You may feel envy by seeing your friend having the new latest shiny console but you should choose only as per your requirement. Certainly why to waste money on those features which you don’t need. Also you can go for a used gaming console if you want. It’s good idea really!

Types of Games You Want to Play

Each gaming consoles are compatible with unique game titles, though some games support in all consoles. So choose the one according to your game playing taste. In case you bought the one you fall for but eventually came to know it doesn’t support the video game of your kind, there couldn’t be anything worst feeling than this.

Also check if the console having backward compatibility or not. It means the video games designed for the previous console is compatible with the new one or not.

Another thing is that you have to finalize whether you’ll play the motion-controlled games or the traditional games that can be controlled by the controller. Playing motion-controlled games will cost you more as you have to buy extra accessories for that.

Guide to Buying the Perfect Gaming Console

Things You Want To Do With The Console

Those days are gone when the consoles were only meant for playing video games. Now the modern systems are offering a wide range of options to do with the consoles that provide a complete entertainment system for the full family.

Whether your mom is fond of watching the daily episodes of a new drama serial or your grandma want to listen some loud streaming devotional songs, or your three friends and you want to play simultaneously online, or want to surf the web—everyone’s need will be fulfilled with these new cutting-edge consoles.

Microsoft’s Xbox vs Sony’s PlayStation vs Nintendo’s Wii

The latest offering from Microsoft is the Xbox one, from Sony is PlayStation4 (PS4), and from Nintendo is Wii U. In case you’re wondering which is the best one—see below the brief analysis that will help you to brush up your knowledge about these high-end gaming consoles.

Xbox one

Priced at $500, Xbox one is great gaming console who seek for the overall entertainment under one roof including online games, streaming video & music, Live TV, movies, multiplayer capability and many more! It’s the successor to the successful Xbox 360. This is suitable for the hardcore gamers who love to play fast-paced action titles. It’s designed by keeping eye on the whole families with members of varied age groups.


Without the Kinect, you’ll get the device at a reduced price of $400. Kinect sensor is used for motion controlling , voice and gesture controlling.

Another version of Xbox one is coming to market soon named as Xbox one S. It boasts to give the 4K Ultra HD picture quality which is four times the resolution than the standard HD.


This fourth installment of video gaming console from Sony is considered as the best if you talk about the speed, software & hardware upgrades. The Japanese company is working hard enough to be the best among all. And yes, their selling units of PS4 is outpacing the other two competent in a large margin.

The price of this console is starting from $300. There are other accessories available with this device to get the extra features. This will cost you more.


And now an advanced version of the PS4 has come to the market called PS4 pro priced around $400. The upcoming big thing of the company is the all new PlayStation VR. This is a virtual reality headset that is fully compatible with PS4. This is set to be released on October 13, 2016. So get ready to immerse in a new world. You can per-order it now for £349.99 RRP.

Wii U

Nintendo is one of the oldest video game console manufactures. The company is famous for providing family friendly game titles in its consoles. These consoles are having easy to use interfaces and is suitable for all ages. It means buying this can entertain all your family members.


In Wii U, for controlling purpose, you’ll get a GamePad which has a impressive 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen giving you more sophisticated controlling power. This revolutionary device is the second screen of your game play apart from the Television screen. Even you can enjoy the console quality game play only through the GamePad if someone else is watching TV. It can also work as a TV remote.

The price of Wii U deluxe set is $300. You’ll get at least one game like Super Mario 3D World or Nintendo Land or Mario Kart 8 game for free with this bundle.


Though it’s not easy for someone to choose one between the fiercely competitive products, it’s not that hard too. Because at last, the options stick with only two things—the budget and your needs. Follow the above tips, do your own research and buy the perfect gaming console of your kind. Happy shopping!

6 Popular Types of Photography You Should Know About

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

The stunning photographs we see every day on the internet or newspapers or some other places are the contribution of a wide range of photographers. And not every photographer be the best in every type of photography. Some are interested in wildlife photography, some are lured by the landscape photography, some are attracted towards portraits and so on. As photography is now one of the most desirable hobbies among the youth, they should first find out the category in which they could be best in!


If you’re a naive photographer and looking for the perfect inspirations to take your photography passion to the next level, you’re at the right place.

Learn here the popular types of photography and choose the one which seems irresistible to you!

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the most popular types of photography. If you’re madly in love with the nature and you love everything about the natural beauties of our mother earth—this genre of photography is the right option for you!

Just travel through the scenic sites and freeze the moments you don’t want to give a miss!

Quick Tips

  • Locate some beautiful scenic sites you know or do a research online before you do anything else.
  • As you’re supposed to take the photographs of nature, there should be proper natural light and no artificial light. Some hours before sunset and after sunrise are the magic hours of landscape photography.
  • Get a tripod for eliminating the camera shakes. Your camera needs to be in complete still position for a better photo quality.

This photography requires a lot of patience as you have to wait several hours for the right light and right weather conditions.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is the most demanding genre among the youths nowadays. It’s the most challenging one too! Because you should have guts to face the wild animals.

This photography type requires camera skills with wit! And of course, a lot of patience. Things should be properly planned before taking a breathtaking photo. You should be intelligent enough to understand the animal behavior. Do you know why? Because you can’t order them to give a pose like a model or to smile!

If you’re fascinated by the wild animals irrespective of the Camera Lens risks involved, don’t hesitate to choose this beautiful genre as your career or hobby.

Quick Tips

  • First choose a certain theme of the photo you want to capture.
  • Study the animals’ behavior & Wait for the perfect timing that fulfills your requirement.
  • Apart from your camera, you need a strong flashlight, extra lenses to click an awesome pic!

Portrait Photography

As it’s one of the oldest genres of photography, Portrait photographers are sufficiently available in the market. This photography deals with people or other creatures’ which captures their facial expressions and moods. Photographs can be of a single person or multiple persons together like your family. It’s often termed as portraiture.

Photographers need to be creative enough to express the real feeling of the subject. Opt for this type of photography if you can think uniquely and have the passion for capturing different people’s moods.

Quick Tips

  • Be physically close to the subject & try to create a natural feeling within the subject which should be expressed through the subject’s eyes.
  • Focus on the subject and make it sharp.
  • Choose the background wisely according to the subject’s complexion and dress colors.

Fashion Photography

This type of photography is basically done for advertising purpose; something to display to the mass audience and tempt them to buy the products like bags, clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. This is done to add glamour to the product.

These photographs are also posted on different top-class fashion magazines to let people know about the latest trends. This is one of the highly paid photography careers. But for that, you need to be creative and famous!

Quick Tips

  • Photographs can be taken in the natural environment or in the studio. First choose the theme and then choose the place accordingly.
  • Think out-of-box to add a wow-factor to your photographs.
  • Make sure that you subject is very much comfortable and relaxed before capturing the pics.

Macro Photography

Macro photographers show us the things which we are unable to see in our naked eye. Here the subject is often much larger than the life-size in the photographs. Insects, flowers, leaves, and water-droplets are the common subjects that are focused on the macro photographer’s lenses.

The best part of this photography is you can do it anywhere and anytime you want. If you are interested in showing the mysteries of the tiny insects to the outer world, this is the plot for you!

Quick Tips

  • Try to blur the background and focus mainly on the subject. This will make the subject more sharp and detailed in the photographs.
  • Have a good understanding on the camera aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Get a good brand of tripod which should be flexible enough and an external flashlight to get some better photos.

Professional Photographer

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers freeze the beautiful moments of the whole wedding ceremony and make them memorable. Photographs can be of traditional posing style and photo-journalistic style. Photo-journalistic style is now gaining popularity as the photographer follows the couple without their knowledge and captures the candid photographs. These photos expresses the real feeling of the couples and other guests.

Apart from these two styles, there are many other styles of wedding photography and depends totally on the photographer’s skills and creative ideas. Choose this genre if you’ve the mindset of earning big money from the beginning. Frankly saying, if you’re very skilled in this type of photography, you’ll never go out of work.

Quick Tips

  • Wait for the perfect candid moments; photographs should be describing some stories.
  • Get a back-up camera, fully charged batteries, enough storing spaces, tripod and an assistant to help you!
  • You should be a master on photo-editing.

Wrap Up

Photography is an art and it’s worth saying that a picture speaks thousand words! The more you’ll be involved in it, the better photographs you can capture.

No matter which type of photography you choose– enough patience and practice is the key to get breathtaking photographs and be successful!

What Is The Barcode Technology & How Useful It Is?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Ever wondered what those cashiers do at the billing time while purchasing any product? They take a piece of equipment and keep it near to those black and white vertical zebra stripes printed on that product. Then beams of bright light come from that equipment—the cashier clicks something on the computer—and your bill is ready! Isn’t it?

So what does the person do actually; is it some magic? Yeah, exactly—It’s the magic; the magic of technology. Had it been never invented, we have to stand in queue at the point of sale for long long hours thanks to the Barcode technology!

Barcode Technology

Yes, this is the barcode technology! And the equipment used here is the barcode scanner and those black and white stripes are the barcodes. You will remain ignorant about barcode technology until you read it here!

So, What Is A Barcode?

Barcodes are the printed dark parallel lines of varying widths and white spacing which are designed to feed data of a particular product to the computer system.

This is an automatic identification technology through which data are collected accurately and rapidly which a normal human being can’t do.

These are printed on the retail store items to get the details about different products, prices and other important things that account for the financial transactions. It plays a very crucial role in almost every company around the globe. It helps in increasing the productivity considerably.

A Brief About The Barcode History

Barcodes are not a new thing as its history goes back to the year 1949, when Joseph Woodland Norman Joseph Woodland, a professor of mechanical engineering in the Drexel university started to work on the this technology to ease the checkout process in retail stores.

He invented a methodology similar to the Morse code—this method converted the information of the product in such codes that can be readable by the machines. In 1949, he applied for patent of his “classifying apparatus and method” and in 1952 it got approved. Only four parallel lines were there in the first barcode and some barcodes were round.

Many years later, in 1974, the barcode system was universally accepted and the first thing which sold with a barcode scanning was — Wrigley Company’s chewing gum packet.

After that, many developments have been made to this technology to get the most sophisticated barcodes. And now you can find these parallel lines in almost every product manufactured today.

Type Of Barcodes

Two types of barcodes are there namely

  • Linear (1D)
  • 2-Dimensional

Linear Barcode

Linear barcode can store up to 85 characters. Most of the consumer goods contain this type of barcode. The UPC (Universal Product Code) symbology comes under this linear barcode which contains the machine readable parallel lines along with some specified digits which is printed below the lines.

UPC symbology is basically used for the checkout process in the retail stores and in keeping the inventory up-to-date. There are other symbologies apart from UPC in linear barcode and their usability differs from each other.

2-Dimensional Barcode

2-Dimesional barcodes can store thousands of characters which is far more QR Code than the linear barcode. Data Matrix, PDF 417, and QR code are the different symbologies coming under this 2-dimensional barcode. The structure of this barcode type is totally different from the 1D. It may include patterns of squares, hexagons, dots and other geometrical representations.

Here the barcodes can store more data in a very less space which is not possible with 1D. But this is more complex than linear and you need to have a 2D scanner to scan the codes; you can’t scan these 2D codes with a 1D scanner.

The 2D barcodes can contain price, web address and even image of the product. And can accomplish much more things than the linear codes.

Types Of Barcode Scanners

As computers cannot read the barcodes directly, you need to have a barcode scanner handy to decode the information written on the barcodes. Then only the computer system can process this information for the final output.

There are four different types of barcode scanners or readers are available in the market namely

  • Pen-type scanners (barcode wands)
  • Laser scanners
  • CCD (Charge Couple Devices) scanners
  • Camera-based readers:
    • 2D imaging scanners
    • Omni-directional barcode scanners
  • Every barcode scanner works differently based on different technology.

    Also the scanners come with different form-factor. Such as

    • Hand-held
    • Fixed-position scanner
    • Stationary scanner
    • PDA scanner

    QR Code Scanning

    Application Of Barcode Technology

    Starting from the grocery store items, the barcode technology has already come a long way! Now It has become a household name in almost every sector; be it for the patients or for the library management. See below some of its applications.


    It becomes too difficult to accomplish if you think of maintaining inventories without using this technology. It will take several days to count all the stock products in your shop or warehouse. It will be inaccurate too! With the help of barcode technology, you can easily and efficiently track each and every product of your shop without any single error.


    In healthcare sector barcode technology is used for the drug identification, patient identification and in medication management. It significantly reduces the fatality caused due to giving wrong medicine to patient or giving medicine to the wrong patient.

    Attendance System

    This technology is also used for company payroll details, up to date attendance report and accurate working period of the employees.

    Quality Control

    Barcodes used for the quality control in manufacturing sector. It examines the sample products and check whether the products are complying with the required specification or not?

    Library Management

    Modern libraries use this technology for the efficient operation of all the library functions. Keeping the books in the proper place and tracking one particular book was never an easy task before arrival of this technology.

    Final Words

    Though the barcode technology has advanced a lot in the recent years, still it’s in the young stage. Still it’s improving and will serve us in many possible ways in the coming future. Anyways, all the best to the technology! Hope for the best!

    Joseph Woodland’s image credit goes to: The Independent

Buying a New Laptop? 7 Important Things You Should Consider

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

New Laptop

Looking to buy your first laptop computer? Hundreds of suggestions you might be getting from your friends or families before you own that shiny pink-colored laptop of your choice. Isn’t it? So, are the suggestions are helping you or confusing you? And I’m sure it’s confusing you; a lot! Well, No worry! Everyone feels like you only before spending several hundreds of dollars. That it will be last for long or not; how much reliable it will be; can I play that latest FIFA world cup game without any lag; will the battery die after some months—these types of mixed feelings must be popping up on your mind right now. For sure!

But not anymore! Now time has come to put full stop on this restlessness situation!

Help yourself to read these 5 important things that will surely help you to choose the best one with much ease. See below…

First See How Much Money You Can Afford

Budget! This is the first thing to consider before considering anything else. Because everyone wishes to buy the latest model laptop of the topmost brand with the latest configuration which costs more than four times or more they actually can afford.

So price is the factor which has the ultimate power to narrow down your choice options. Because the less option you have in your list, the easier it will be to buy. So first fix your budget and take help of some good laptop selling websites to filter out the laptops that are out of your range.

How You’ll Use the Laptop?

This is the second step in your search process. You can narrow down the options more by analyzing how you’re going to use the laptop. Is it only for surfing web, chatting with your friends through Skype or other social networking mediums, or shopping online from different e-commerce sites? If yes, then you can go for the entry level configurations with the lowest price. No issue with it!

But if you want to multitask by opening number of tabs and programs, edit videos or photos, play high resolution games online or offline, watching streaming movies—then you have to look for a high configuration laptop with an advanced graphics card which will cost you more.

Does Size and Weight Matter to you?

As different sizes and weights of laptops are available in the market, it may add complications in your buying process. So see below how to choose the right size and weight of laptop if this matters to you.

Lady Using Laptop

  • It again comes to the usability of your laptop—how you’ll use it and how portability is important to you? You can choose a laptop between 11 to 13 inch screens and weight 3 lbs. or less than it; if you want to perform the basic things only like checking emails and surfing internet.
  • Laptops with a screen sizes vary between 14 to 15 inches and weight 4–5 lbs. are the most popular. It’s the perfect blend of power, performance and portability.
  • And if you are a passionate gamer who want to play high resolution games in a big screen or have the desire to enjoy movies like theaters—go for a 17 to 18 inch screen size with a weight of 6 lbs. or more. But here you have to compromise with the portability.

Looking For Any Particular Operating System?

Operating system also plays a major role in your buying process. Here also you may get confused that which OS platform you should choose? To be frank, every OS has its own weaknesses and strengths.

Below are some useful tips about different operating systems you should consider.

  • Talking about windows, it is the most used and popular OS platform globally. Because it supports almost all the software and hardware. Also it’s quite affordable and available in wide range of price tag. But less secured than Mac OS. Go for it if you’re accustomed to windows and feel really cool to use.
  • Mac OS—it is believed as more user-friendly in comparison to the windows OS. It works seamlessly with all the apple products. Less chances of malware and viruses in this OS. But the price range of an Apple Laptop is comparatively much higher than its competitors. So if you’re interested in operate and learn a new OS—get one.
  • Now the chrome OS from Google is getting more popular as it’s very cheap and powerful too. But it can’t be used for high-end use as most of its programs are cloud-based only.

Hardware Configurations

This part is the most confusing thing in the entire buying process and a never ending topic! Well, I’ll make it simple for you and will narrow down your search process further. See below.


A processor always speeds up your multitasking ability. So the more advanced and more cored processor you choose- the higher will be the price and the faster will be your working process.


RAM increases the amount of multitasking works in your computer and makes the programs fast accessed. To run a high resolution 3D game seamlessly without any lag you need to purchase the highest GB of RAM.

Hard Drive

Hard drives will store all the files you want to keep. Two types of storage devices are available in the market named—

  • Traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
  • Solid-State Drives (SSD)

Solid state drives are way faster than the traditional hard disk drives. But you have to spend a lot of money for the SSDs. In the other hand you can get even 1 TB of HDD in a very less price than SSDs.

So, it’s your choice whether you want speed or more space in your computer!

Kids Playing Game on Laptop

Battery Life

This is the factor which nobody wants to have a lower grade thing in their laptop. Manufacturers often boast that their battery life lasts for longer period; but this may not be true in practical use. And the fact is—the higher your laptop processing power, the higher your computer resolution, the higher the brightness level is—the lesser will be the battery life.

So do your own calculations, check reviews and wisely choose it! Never get manipulated by the sales person’s marketing words.

Are You Brand-Conscious

If you’re brand conscious and crazy about some particular brands—go for it!

But check its warranty period, technical support, and analyze reviews before closing the deal!

Final words

There are many other things that you should consider before buying laptop, but these are the vital factors that will surely narrow down your search process a lot.

But the most important one is—choose the laptop as per your needs! This can save you hundreds of dollars. So share your experience with us if you’ve purchased a laptop recently or looking forward to buy one!

No! You Can’t Hack the Biometrics Technology

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Biometrics Technology Hacking

Yes, we have to admit that at the rate technology is improving; the cybercrime is too increasing at the same pace. It’s directly proportional. Don’t you think so? Yeah it is!

So what’s the reason behind it? The reason is simple. Hackers also are taking help of this so-called technology and working hard. And why not, they are earning their livelihood with that. And for some people it’s their passion to hack everything.

So tell me how you keep your sensitive information of your business or personal things secured? Is it a password? Then there are a lot of reasons your data can be hacked by rivals if you’ve not set the optimum range of password capability. Even if you’ve set, there is chance!

But the biometrics technology is something different which is almost impossible to hack unless you are kidnapped!

So, What is So Special in this Biometrics Technology that Can’t be Hacked?

To put it simply, Biometric is the combination of two Greek words—Bios and metric. These two words denote life and measurement.

So what biometric technology is supposed to do is—it measures your uniqueness for verification process; because every human being holds a unique set of biological and behavioral characteristics.

Even if a micro amount of changes detected by the system, it will not let you access the information. And if you’re eying something big and trying to breach the security; it could land you behind the bars.

Yeah, you can’t fool it!

Though some hackers have successfully hacked the fingerprint technology developed by Apple Inc. for their IPhone 5S; But not now! Yes, the technology is getting more sophisticated and more secured in each passing time.

Now you can set your body odor as your password! Yes, this is possible and called as—Olfactory Biometric.

So not only finger print is used—there are many others parts or behaviors of our body which can be used for the authentication process. See below what are they?

What are the Other Biometric Techniques?

The biometric techniques are normally coming under two categories such as

  • Physical Biometrics— this is used in both the identification and verification process.
  • Behavioral Biometrics— this is mostly used for the verification process.

Confused between verification & identification? Well, we will first know what the difference between these two is.

Verification: Verification represents that—you are the person who are attempting access in the system. Means, the system checks is this the correct characteristics or not? If not, no access inside!

It is the answer to—“Are you who you say you are?”

Identification: Identification is—the system reveals your identity from a number of persons after completion of a full searching process in the database.

It is the answer to—“Who are you?”

Now we’ll go to different Biometric Techniques. See below…

Physical Biometrics

This biometric technique uses your body parts for the authentication process.

Iris Scan

Iris Scan

Here the technology checks whether the pattern of that colored, ring-shaped membrane (iris) in your eye is matching or not? This is because—every person’s iris is unique. This is claimed to be the most accurate biometric scanner. But it’s too costly!

Fingerprint Recognition

This is one of the oldest and most common recognition techniques. Fingerprint biometric technique uses the patterns of the friction ridges and valleys found on surface of the top of each finger.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technique takes your facial pattern or features to judge whether you’re authorized person or not? This is possible because each and every person in the earth holds a unique face pattern.

Retinal Scan

Retina blood vessels in our eyes are also unique to each other; that’s why it is used as the medium of securing valuable information or gadget from danger. Like iris scan, it also provides a high degree of accuracy.

DNA Matching

Though the majority part of our DNA doesn’t differ from person to person, still 0.10 percent remains unique in each person. And even this minute portion is enough to judge you as the original or duplicate. This is basically used in the criminal investigation and paternity testing.


Here the ear plays the role in investigating your authenticity if you are the fake or real person. Yes, the ears! And it is said to be a better biometric tool than fingerprint.

Hand Geometry

Hand geometry defines the total shape of our hand—means how much is the width and how much is the height etc. But the accuracy in this biometric technique is lower than other techniques because the hand shape is not that much unique.

Behavioral Biometrics

Behavioral biometrics technique measures the characteristics of human being which are acquired over the time naturally & not the inherent physical characteristics.

Typing Recognition

Keystroke or Typing Recognition

Here the system recognizes your typing style and speed and if matches, it allows you to access inside. Yes, typing patterns are unique and there are a lot of factors which are taken into account while authenticating.

Speaker Recognition

Here your vocal behavior is judged and if it gets matched with the original one which is in the database kept previously—it will let you access the system. It is successful because the voice differs from person to person.

Signature Recognition

Ever tried to copy other’s signature? And what’s the result, are you successful? A big NO—you can’t sign same to same as the original! Speed, pressure, trajectory—everything is measured. This is what signature recognition is.


This technique measures your walking style and confirms your authenticity. And moreover you can’t fake the system by slowing or speeding your walk.

Wrap Up

As nobody is 100 % perfect & ideal in this world—these biometric techniques also don’t provide 100% accuracy. But, if we see, this is far better than the so-called password and PINs. And not to mention the current uses & popularity of the biometric security system—it’s widely used for border security, airport security, schools, offices, forensic departments, blood banks, cars, buildings and in many others places.

So, have you locked any of your important information or things using this high-tech biometric technology yet? If yes, then share with us how’s your experience with this technology. Do you feel secured now or still not satisfied?

Do You Know How Spy Cameras Spying on You?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Spy cameras! A friend of mine screamed out. After some seconds she went to the trial room of a big shopping mall. She got frightened with anger.

It was a tiny camera built on the extreme right corner of this small room. But still how could she even sense that? It can barely be visible to the shopaholics. Well, maybe she is not.

And many more cases revolving round and round nearby us!

So it would be better if we get to know everything about it clearly, right? Below see what really a spy camera is.

Spy Camera

What this spy camera is?

In a simple sentence, a spy camera is a very tiny camera which is in hidden position or disguised in another comparatively big object. This makes the cornea of your naked eye very hard to detect. Hence if you’re being watched or monitored, each of your movement can easily be perceived by the snooper from another convenient place.

Ever felt like getting snooped?

No worry. We have some solution for you later in this article. Read on…

Types of Spy Camera

Are you wondering; Do spy cameras come in different types like the different types of chicken recipes?

Well it is. Everything gets a makeover after certain period of uses to satisfy the never-ending wants of human being and so this camera is. It is categorized according to the design and uses. See here.

  • Wired spy cameras
  • Wireless spy cameras
  • Built-in DVR spy cameras
  • Internet spy cameras
  • Nanny spy cameras
  • Body worn spy cameras

Don’t you want to know the details?

Here we go…

Wired Spy Cameras

  • These are the spy cameras with some wire connected to the external displaying or recording device.
  • Though the cost of the wired spy camera might attract you, but the installation is difficult as you have to completely conceal the wiring system.
  • However, this is reliable and gives an uninterrupted video recording unlike the wireless cameras without any signal interference.

Wireless Spy Cameras

  • These are the spy cameras with cordless feature and the video footage gets transmitted over the air to the displaying and recording device.
  • The installation process is easier and absolutely there is no tension of any connecting cables and cords.
  • But the cost is higher than the wired cameras and can’t be reliable as there could be interference in the receiving signals.

Built-in DVR Spy Cameras

  • These are the advanced version of spy cameras having self-recording capability.
  • Here the built-in digital video recorder records the video footages in a SD card and no cable connection is required. So it makes the installation process easy.
  • Also there is a motion-detection mode through which the DVR starts recording only when it detects motion of any object.
  • This is not for the live monitoring; you can only check the video after completion of the recording process by just inserting the SD card in your computer.

Internet IP Spy Cameras

  • IP cameras are the more advanced one through which you can access the secret videos from the internet anywhere you want to in the real time.
  • These can be wired or wireless depending upon the design but normally it’s operated by a WI-FI network while making the installation process simple.
  • Video resolution is better than other cameras and it’s easy to use.

Nanny Spy Cameras

  • These spy cameras are disguised as everyday household equipment may it be clock, teddy, speakers etc. it could be anything. So that nobody can detect these cameras easily without any information.
  • Here in your absence, you can keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter whether your child is safe with her or not? Or check on your spouse whether you are being cheated or not?
  • These are affordable to your pocket and the installation process is easy enough.

Body Worn Spy Cameras

  • This one is the result of immense advancement in covert industries. Here you can spy on the person you want to while moving from here to there.
  • These are easy to set up and can capture clarity videos.
  • Camera gets attached to everyday wearable objects like the ties, glasses, watches, shirt bottoms, headphones, handbags etc.

A Basic Idea on How the Spy Cameras work?

As the cameras are of different designs, their working procedure also differs from each other. So here is a basic brief idea you should know. See below…

  • Three devices basically needed; a board camera, a recorder such as DVR or VCR, and a monitor to watch the videos.
  • The tiny camera is placed in an everyday used object.
  • In case of a wired camera, the cables connected directly with the recording device.
  • In case of wireless camera, there is a built-in transmitter which transmits signals to the receiver of the recording device.
  • Then after connecting the recording device with your displaying device you’ll be able to see the secret videos.

How to Find There is a Spy Camera Built-in

You are looking for this part for sure as I’ve mentioned above. Isn’t it? See below…

  • First check if there are any susceptible holes or black dots in the walls or home appliances like flower pots, furniture, smoke detectors, teddy bears, tissue box, wall clocks etc.
  • Or, take help of a wireless spy cam detector which detects signals of a wireless transmitting devices and will warn you instantly.
  • Or, use iPhone or android camera detecting apps which are programmed to work on the same way as the detector device.
  • Or, use your cellphone and try to make a call. If you hear there is some buzzing noise comes from the phone, confirm yourself that there is a hidden camera because its electromagnetic field is interfering with your call and creating noise.
  • Or, turn off all the lights and look around to see if there is a small green or red led light is coming from anywhere or not? If coming, then be sure, there is a camera with microphone.

Security Camera

Final Thought

Technology is like a two-edged sword. You can use this spy camera to add security to your belongings and at the same time the same camera can be used by some pervert to fulfill their ill-intention.

So if you feel that you are getting watched by someone else, try the above mentioned methods and protect your privacy.

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