A Guide to Buying the Perfect Gaming Console

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Game Controller

Like anything buying a gaming console for you or your kids is also a confusing task. And it’s obvious! Spending so much money on a single device is not joke. From a wide number of brands, budgets, features and a no. of other factors, it needs a thorough research from you to choose the perfect gaming console.

The big players in this video gaming market is Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s Wii. These three are the strong contenders of video game console and each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Well, here is a well researched guide that will help you to buying the perfect gaming console.

For Whom You’re Buying?

Yes, this is the first question you should ask yourself. Knowing the person who is going to play video games will make your search process one step complete.

Father & Son Playing Video Game

If you’re buying for small children, then you no need to opt for the high-end graphics or technology. In such case, you need a simple system that should be easy to control and the features should be understandable without much technical knowledge. This type of consoles are also suited for the other members of your family who play casually.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing for a hardcore gamer, then choose the most advanced one. Because they are supposed to play the most challenging games which need the latest specifications to run flawlessly.

Set a Budget

Budget is an important factor to consider to minimize your buying options. As there a number of consoles available in the market with varied features and accessories, their prices also vary. So here according to your need, set a budget first that you can afford.

Not everyone can afford the latest released consoles with additional features than its predecessors. You may feel envy by seeing your friend having the new latest shiny console but you should choose only as per your requirement. Certainly why to waste money on those features which you don’t need. Also you can go for a used gaming console if you want. It’s good idea really!

Types of Games You Want to Play

Each gaming consoles are compatible with unique game titles, though some games support in all consoles. So choose the one according to your game playing taste. In case you bought the one you fall for but eventually came to know it doesn’t support the video game of your kind, there couldn’t be anything worst feeling than this.

Also check if the console having backward compatibility or not. It means the video games designed for the previous console is compatible with the new one or not.

Another thing is that you have to finalize whether you’ll play the motion-controlled games or the traditional games that can be controlled by the controller. Playing motion-controlled games will cost you more as you have to buy extra accessories for that.

Guide to Buying the Perfect Gaming Console

Things You Want To Do With The Console

Those days are gone when the consoles were only meant for playing video games. Now the modern systems are offering a wide range of options to do with the consoles that provide a complete entertainment system for the full family.

Whether your mom is fond of watching the daily episodes of a new drama serial or your grandma want to listen some loud streaming devotional songs, or your three friends and you want to play simultaneously online, or want to surf the web—everyone’s need will be fulfilled with these new cutting-edge consoles.

Microsoft’s Xbox vs Sony’s PlayStation vs Nintendo’s Wii

The latest offering from Microsoft is the Xbox one, from Sony is PlayStation4 (PS4), and from Nintendo is Wii U. In case you’re wondering which is the best one—see below the brief analysis that will help you to brush up your knowledge about these high-end gaming consoles.

Xbox one

Priced at $500, Xbox one is great gaming console who seek for the overall entertainment under one roof including online games, streaming video & music, Live TV, movies, multiplayer capability and many more! It’s the successor to the successful Xbox 360. This is suitable for the hardcore gamers who love to play fast-paced action titles. It’s designed by keeping eye on the whole families with members of varied age groups.


Without the Kinect, you’ll get the device at a reduced price of $400. Kinect sensor is used for motion controlling , voice and gesture controlling.

Another version of Xbox one is coming to market soon named as Xbox one S. It boasts to give the 4K Ultra HD picture quality which is four times the resolution than the standard HD.


This fourth installment of video gaming console from Sony is considered as the best if you talk about the speed, software & hardware upgrades. The Japanese company is working hard enough to be the best among all. And yes, their selling units of PS4 is outpacing the other two competent in a large margin.

The price of this console is starting from $300. There are other accessories available with this device to get the extra features. This will cost you more.


And now an advanced version of the PS4 has come to the market called PS4 pro priced around $400. The upcoming big thing of the company is the all new PlayStation VR. This is a virtual reality headset that is fully compatible with PS4. This is set to be released on October 13, 2016. So get ready to immerse in a new world. You can per-order it now for £349.99 RRP.

Wii U

Nintendo is one of the oldest video game console manufactures. The company is famous for providing family friendly game titles in its consoles. These consoles are having easy to use interfaces and is suitable for all ages. It means buying this can entertain all your family members.


In Wii U, for controlling purpose, you’ll get a GamePad which has a impressive 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen giving you more sophisticated controlling power. This revolutionary device is the second screen of your game play apart from the Television screen. Even you can enjoy the console quality game play only through the GamePad if someone else is watching TV. It can also work as a TV remote.

The price of Wii U deluxe set is $300. You’ll get at least one game like Super Mario 3D World or Nintendo Land or Mario Kart 8 game for free with this bundle.


Though it’s not easy for someone to choose one between the fiercely competitive products, it’s not that hard too. Because at last, the options stick with only two things—the budget and your needs. Follow the above tips, do your own research and buy the perfect gaming console of your kind. Happy shopping!

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