We all hate the moment when we just see the red signal of battery low notification from our smartphone. Isn’t it?

And the notification comes when something is important to do like sending some urgent mail to the boss or checking the examination notice. Yes, it happens! And at that time we wish if our phone battery was like a car battery. We just get frustrated with it!

Battery Charging

Certainly as a user, we can’t extend the battery power capacity to 10000 mAh. But can do something which will help the battery life to last for some more hours than usual—Thus we can enjoy our phone for more time.

Here are some useful tips to increase battery life of your smartphone (especially focused on the android) which will help you a lot for sure! See below…

Tip #1 See What’s Eating-up More Battery Power

  • Before doing anything to enhance battery life, first do an investigation on the battery usage. See which app or feature sucking battery like a monster!
  • In an android phone, checking battery usage is a complete no-brainer.
  • Just go to the phone settings and then click on the battery; there you’ll get the complete list of battery usage percentage of apps that accounts for the power drainage.
  • If you see there some app which are consuming a lot of power but not useful, stop or uninstall that app!

Tip #2 Lower the Brightness Level

  • Lowering your phone’s display brightness level can increase the battery life significantly.
  • If you’re using phone somewhere under the sunlight, then you’ll have to set the brightness level at its highest position to figure out the content.
  • Try to use it as much as in a darker place or under the artificial light, so that you can see under minimum brightness level.
  • Manually adjust the brightness level according to your needs or comfort level, but don’t use the auto brightness feature.

Tip #3 Close those Background Apps

  • Using a lot of apps at a time? And just pushing the home button directly instead of closing it?
  • Then you’re wasting power juices more than you need. Because at the moment when you minimize one app, it runs in the background and increases the phone processor usage.
  • The more pressure on the processor, the more the power use. So always properly close the apps after using it.
  • Simply go to the settings>>Apps>>running services and force stop the apps which you are not using now.


Tip #4 Set a Dark Static Wallpaper

  • If you’re a fanboy of the live wallpapers, then you have to change your taste for the sake of strengthening battery life.
  • Live wallpapers may be attractive but sucks a lot of battery life if you use.
  • On the other hand, the static wallpapers are a worthy match for the battery life.
  • Set one dark color static wallpaper for the maximum output. Also set a dark-colored theme.

Tip #5 Disable Unnecessary Notifications

  • Constant incoming notifications are the germs which have their noticeable share in reducing the battery life.
  • Notification such as the email notification, reminders, current weather, special offers, FB like and comment notifications etc.
  • Whenever one notification comes, your phone lights up and make sounds by the help of some amount of battery power. And if you’re getting enormous notifications, imagine how much power getting drained!
  • In an Android phone, go to Settings>>Apps>>Notifications & block those apps from sending notifications which are not useful to you.

Tip #6 Keep Your Phone in Cool Environment

  • Did you know that keeping phone in a hotter environment degrades its battery life? Yes, it’s true!
  • The Lithium-Ion batteries are very sensitive to the hot temperature and it drains very quickly whether you use or don’t use it.
  • So if you’re working under sunlight, leave your phone at some normal temperature places.
  • In cool environment, battery life gets better and you’ll be gifted with some more hours of phone usability. But don’t keep it in the fridge!

Tip #7 Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Mobile data

  • Surely no one wants to be connected 24*7. Isn’t it? So why to reduce battery life by enabling these facilities round the clock?
  • Connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and mobile data take considerable amount of battery juice for their operation.
  • Because these features constantly search for outside signals whether you use or not use. And this constant searching process takes toll on the battery life.
  • So turn these features on, only when you need them for a genuine cause!

Mobile GPS

Tip #8 Turn off Vibration Mode

  • If you’re addicted to the vibration mode of your phone, then try not to resume this addiction anymore.
  • Because in this mode, there is a tiny vibration motor that rotates to vibrate your cellphone. And it eats up battery power quite more than the ring mode.
  • So don’t enable the vibration option for keyboard touch, incoming call, incoming message, and notification etc., unless you actually need this.
  • Simply go to the setting>>sound & notification>> other sounds and disable them all.

Final Words

There has been a tremendous growth in every part of smartphone technology in the recent years—-may it be the camera, processor, internet or the display. But if we see there is a little or almost null development in boosting the battery life. Even today also, we have to seek for power outlets minimum twice a day if we need to satisfy all our sensory organs!

So follow the above useful tips to reduce the power juice wasted for unnecessarily or unknowingly! And utilize them while you need it the most instead of running towards a power source!

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  1. Alex Carney says:

    Low battery life is a common problem for all smartphone users. I’m also a victim to it. Power banks are playing a great role to boost my battery life but I am looking for some tips that can prevent battery drainage. I really got this article valuable. I’m having an android set; it’s having lots of apps running in background which sucks more battery. As mentioned in your 7th point, I always turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, and mobile data and it really saves battery. I’ll start following your other tips also. Thanks a lot for the tips.

    • digitadmin says:

      Hello Alex! Glad you found it valuable! Yeah sure, try these above tips & you’ll definitely feel the difference in battery life.

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