6 Popular Types of Photography You Should Know About

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The stunning photographs we see every day on the internet or newspapers or some other places are the contribution of a wide range of photographers. And not every photographer be the best in every type of photography. Some are interested in wildlife photography, some are lured by the landscape photography, some are attracted towards portraits and so on. As photography is now one of the most desirable hobbies among the youth, they should first find out the category in which they could be best in!


If you’re a naive photographer and looking for the perfect inspirations to take your photography passion to the next level, you’re at the right place.

Learn here the popular types of photography and choose the one which seems irresistible to you!

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the most popular types of photography. If you’re madly in love with the nature and you love everything about the natural beauties of our mother earth—this genre of photography is the right option for you!

Just travel through the scenic sites and freeze the moments you don’t want to give a miss!

Quick Tips

  • Locate some beautiful scenic sites you know or do a research online before you do anything else.
  • As you’re supposed to take the photographs of nature, there should be proper natural light and no artificial light. Some hours before sunset and after sunrise are the magic hours of landscape photography.
  • Get a tripod for eliminating the camera shakes. Your camera needs to be in complete still position for a better photo quality.

This photography requires a lot of patience as you have to wait several hours for the right light and right weather conditions.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is the most demanding genre among the youths nowadays. It’s the most challenging one too! Because you should have guts to face the wild animals.

This photography type requires camera skills with wit! And of course, a lot of patience. Things should be properly planned before taking a breathtaking photo. You should be intelligent enough to understand the animal behavior. Do you know why? Because you can’t order them to give a pose like a model or to smile!

If you’re fascinated by the wild animals irrespective of the Camera Lens risks involved, don’t hesitate to choose this beautiful genre as your career or hobby.

Quick Tips

  • First choose a certain theme of the photo you want to capture.
  • Study the animals’ behavior & Wait for the perfect timing that fulfills your requirement.
  • Apart from your camera, you need a strong flashlight, extra lenses to click an awesome pic!

Portrait Photography

As it’s one of the oldest genres of photography, Portrait photographers are sufficiently available in the market. This photography deals with people or other creatures’ which captures their facial expressions and moods. Photographs can be of a single person or multiple persons together like your family. It’s often termed as portraiture.

Photographers need to be creative enough to express the real feeling of the subject. Opt for this type of photography if you can think uniquely and have the passion for capturing different people’s moods.

Quick Tips

  • Be physically close to the subject & try to create a natural feeling within the subject which should be expressed through the subject’s eyes.
  • Focus on the subject and make it sharp.
  • Choose the background wisely according to the subject’s complexion and dress colors.

Fashion Photography

This type of photography is basically done for advertising purpose; something to display to the mass audience and tempt them to buy the products like bags, clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. This is done to add glamour to the product.

These photographs are also posted on different top-class fashion magazines to let people know about the latest trends. This is one of the highly paid photography careers. But for that, you need to be creative and famous!

Quick Tips

  • Photographs can be taken in the natural environment or in the studio. First choose the theme and then choose the place accordingly.
  • Think out-of-box to add a wow-factor to your photographs.
  • Make sure that you subject is very much comfortable and relaxed before capturing the pics.

Macro Photography

Macro photographers show us the things which we are unable to see in our naked eye. Here the subject is often much larger than the life-size in the photographs. Insects, flowers, leaves, and water-droplets are the common subjects that are focused on the macro photographer’s lenses.

The best part of this photography is you can do it anywhere and anytime you want. If you are interested in showing the mysteries of the tiny insects to the outer world, this is the plot for you!

Quick Tips

  • Try to blur the background and focus mainly on the subject. This will make the subject more sharp and detailed in the photographs.
  • Have a good understanding on the camera aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Get a good brand of tripod which should be flexible enough and an external flashlight to get some better photos.

Professional Photographer

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers freeze the beautiful moments of the whole wedding ceremony and make them memorable. Photographs can be of traditional posing style and photo-journalistic style. Photo-journalistic style is now gaining popularity as the photographer follows the couple without their knowledge and captures the candid photographs. These photos expresses the real feeling of the couples and other guests.

Apart from these two styles, there are many other styles of wedding photography and depends totally on the photographer’s skills and creative ideas. Choose this genre if you’ve the mindset of earning big money from the beginning. Frankly saying, if you’re very skilled in this type of photography, you’ll never go out of work.

Quick Tips

  • Wait for the perfect candid moments; photographs should be describing some stories.
  • Get a back-up camera, fully charged batteries, enough storing spaces, tripod and an assistant to help you!
  • You should be a master on photo-editing.

Wrap Up

Photography is an art and it’s worth saying that a picture speaks thousand words! The more you’ll be involved in it, the better photographs you can capture.

No matter which type of photography you choose– enough patience and practice is the key to get breathtaking photographs and be successful!

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  1. Vance Hughes says:

    I agree, photography has became the most popular hobby today among the youth. Portrait Photography is the basic type of photography that everyone learns at the beginning. I’m also a professional photographer, categorized under Landscape photographer. As per me, photography is a skill and one can acquire it with hardworking and experience but you need to give a lot of time to it. Well, it’s a good article you have! Anyone reading it can easily understand the difference between the various types of photography. Keep sharing!

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