FLIP BOOK: Make Your Memories Photogenic

A book is a set of illustrated, printed and information gathering interface that made from ink, paper and some other materials. But the most important part in a book is the information and message that the users can use it. But a flip book is quite different from a simple book in look, arrangement, and information and designing. Designing a book is very simple but to make a flipbook you have to use several software’s that can decorate the whole history. The series in a flip book varies from page to page in having several animated pictures with simulating motion that creates a happy chilled face in a child.


The first flip book appeared in Sept 1968 by John Barnes Linnett, with the name of a movie kineogrph which is a moving picture. The spectacular vision of the moving pictures needs the visual experiences on any space that can make the picture animated. Animation and moving images came into existence after lots of experiment on the photographic movement. Making the movable movies has its own creativity, some different types of thinking and different production techniques. In the earliest movies you can find some fashion, events, ran on not more than 10 minutes, but now it all depends upon the technology and entertainment that can possible through multimedia animation and flipping.

Technology Advancement Enhancing the Photography

Photography is the first medium that introduced different type of processes to advance the motion picture complexity which is driven by the technology, manipulated by the human inventive and creativeness. Instant photos are the starting phase of a professional photographer that can be modified by adding the effects of multimedia animation to a funny image. Technology advancement in the fields of camera, sound recording, editing making the job easier but these applications can’t change the ideas and the creativity of a filmmaker rather than to give a modified look.


Decoration of Flip Book

While decorating a flip book you have to look for several points like


It is the window of Flip Book that attracts the viewer’s towards it. You should be sure about the background color that must be attractive, pretty in look and eye catching.

2 Content:

You must include the digital effective flash copies along with the text, pictures etc.

3Book Information:

Information may not be eye catching but it will protect you from the copy right act. Better to use your imagination and thinking that can make the book unique and separate from other.

Video Recording and Printing to Flip Book

Flip clips are best seen in motion pictures that takes the short video clips and prints them into the flip books. Usually a video is more informative than text and stories. People prefer to have the motion pictures as well as some small videos in their flip book to make it more attractive and interactive. Better to keep videos that have been taken nearly because after printing to your flip book the distance images may not give a perfect look. You need to take a digitized camera that can give a perfect lighting and some more effects to make the video attractive and lighting. Digital cameras use an electronic version for video recording that simple creates some attractive image and arrange them in a succession to create a video. Take some video clips of short dances, performance and keep it in your flip book to make the moment memorize forever.

Flip Book

Software needed to make a Flip Book

Several types of software are available but you need to choose the best one according to your requirement. Just like the Flip movies 3.5 is the latest flip book making software which is easy to access and provides a lot of advance options that can make the page attractive and gives an efficient look. Flip page software helps to display your book in iphones, ipad touch and even in android powered sets. Flip book software allows you to create a hard cover at events and parties. The software makes your book interactive by adding some more effects like newspaper, magazine, annual reports etc.

Book Sharing

After creating your special flip book you may want to share it with your friends, family relatives and you can do that very easily. You can send it through email or else publish the book in any of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter that may make available the book to your friends. You can also share the book in YouTube for popularity of your creativity. An iFlipBook application is available that helps to share the book in social media.
It is concluded from the above discussions that you have to follow the steps carefully while making a Flip book. Better to use the software to create the book with all your creativity and imagination and share your ideas in social media using application.

The next-gen USB cable

Are you irritated of trying to force a USB cable in the wrong way? Are you tired of trying to find the right USB for your device? Here is good news for all those techie community members who deal with a lot of data transfer. The new USB, which is being named as USB 3.1(first appeared at The Verge show) has almost arrived in the market.

USb 23 copy

The all new USB 3.1 Type-C cable will offer power up-to 100 Watt, but that is not all the USB 3.1 is capable of, the makers have promised that USB 3.1 Type C will offer a data transfer speed of 10Gbps which is double of what USB 3.0 was offering, and it is far eclipsing the 12Mbps speed offered by USB 1.0.

A Little Background

The USB have came a long way from where it started its journey, a group of seven companies together began the development of USB cables in 1994 and the motto was to make it easier for users to connect external devices to PCs. The companies which were part of this project are: – Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel. The first integrated circuits and system supporting USB were produced by Intel in 1995, a team which includes the Indian tech lad Ajay Bhatt worked on the standard at Intel. The original USB 1.0 specification was introduced in January 1996, and it defined the data transfer rate of 1.5Mbit/s as “Low Speed” and 12Mbit/s as “Full Speed”. Then comes USB 2.0 in April 2000 which was again having a great improvement in data transfer rate, this generation of USB came with a speed rating of 480Mbit/s. And the evolution kept on coming with the announcement of USB 3.1 in January 2013 the USB community once again proved that the future is still unpredictable.

USb 2.0 USB 3.1

The New

The new design, called as USB Type C will replace all the existing cables as it has overcame a number of their shortcomings. The main features as far as physical appearance is concerned is that this cable will be small enough to be used with mobile phones and there wouldn’t be any more wrong side as you can insert any of its two side to your phone and laptop. The best thing about its design is though the fact that as with Apple’s Lightning connector there wouldn’t be any more upside-down. That means you don’t have to check the right side to insert your USB into your laptop. The new cables could arrive in months, the USB IF said Wednesday at the Intel Developer Forum conference in Shenzhen, China.

What is in the Pack?

But the main catch is the fact that all the existing PCs, Laptops, Mobile phones and smart phones are equipped with old USB ports and it wouldn’t be that easy to replace them all, it will take years to be replaced and there is another option that the device makers might add one more port beside the usual one. So expecting an immediate transition would be very unfair. People might have to use a cable which will bridge the old and new port together. The USB cables in recent time haven’t been used only for data transfer but also to charge the devices like phone and digital cams. Keeping this point in mind the makers of USB 3.1 have focused on the power up to which it can support and the new USB can support a power supply of 100 Watt. The convenience of using a device was the focus while designing this device. Everyone wants something which can make the things convenient for them.

One thing for sure this will give a hard run for money to Apple’s proprietary lightning cable. This was an USP of Apple for years that they were the only one in the market to have a USB cable which can be used from either direction. For sure this project has been inspired by Apple’s lightning cable and now going to give a competition to them only. I wonder what would be the future of data transfer, perhaps a super fast wireless data transfer. But the problem with wireless data transfer is the limitation of speed they offer. As of now even by using a 4G connection you cannot expect a data transfer rate of more than 150Mbps. So for now there isn’t any escape from wires, but this new invention have given new dimensions to data transfer.

How to Plan a Memorable Entertainment Party in Boston

History of Boston

Boston is a city of entertainment having a population of 600,000 and was founded in 1630 by Puritan from England. It consists of many visiting places and like museums, tours, events, casinos etc. Probably in a single visit a person can’t reach all the places in Boston. The city incorporates with old and new architectural places along with so many historic buildings, parks, skyscrapers etc. Putting the step into the past history of Boston you can find many rich person those who made history and heritage for your enjoy. Different kinds of colonial and revolutionary land mark you can find in Boston that is meant for the arrangement of parties, which the best attractive point in this city.

Decide the Party Theme You Want To Throw

A perfect planning makes a party perfect. Several things you have to consider while planning for a party like the place, decoration, music, guest list etc but all these things differs according to the type of party. Just like if you are interested to arrange a friend party then no need to think about the formalities and you can arrange it according to your convenience. But if arranging a corporate party you need to look for every aspect like the time of party that should be comfortable to every employee, decoration should be professional and the arrangement of food should be comfortable for everyone. Overall prior planning saves time, money and makes the arrangements full entertaining.

In Boston people mostly look for the place to arrange the party. They mostly prefer Boston Harbor , Salem,Faneuil hall Marketplace, Fenway Park, Cape Ann etc places for the arrangement. All these places have the previous history for party arrangement because these places are situated in the popular cities, consisting of best communication as well as the environment and the beauty of that place makes parties more interesting.

List of Guest of Honor

It is of course an important consideration in because you are throwing the party for them. More number of guests means more headaches and more planning. So better to choose the guests whoever is important for you. According to their personality and position you have to arrange the party arrangements. Several people from different ages may come to attend it and they must have the different choices. Keeping their choice and habit in mind, you need to do several arrangements in food, decoration etc. Suppose you are thinking to do a family Moroccan feast which is totally a traditional one and for that you should know Moroccan culture. Mostly these cultural programs arranged for the family members and celebrated in a familiar environment.

Preparation Time

Arrangement time is the second important fact that matters a lot in entertainment. Mostly the people prefers 3 times like the day time, evening time, or the night time party. In all these different timing you need to think for the different arrangements and the most important part is decoration. In day time parties due to the day light you may save some money from the light decoration. But problem may happen like some guests may not attend the party due to the official work. Where as in evening and night time parties the silent and calm environment adds some more effects to the beautiful arrangement. You need to arrange several colored lights that make the party more entertaining.

Party2 copy

Party Hostess Service

If it is a family party then you can take the help of your grandparents, parents, family members to arrange it but if it is about an official party then how to arrange it? In this case you may take the help of several party rental services providing company. Because in official parties different types of employees would be present; some from senior posts & some may be from junior positions. According to the demand and the position of people you need to arrange the facilities for them. So if you are taking the help of party service providers it makes your task easy. According to your demand and order they provide the service in a professional way.

Considering about the cocktail parties in which so many single and mingle people come and they just want their separate table for which you have given order for several furniture. But to make it easy; better to take the service from the furniture rental company and you can get the best stylish furniture according to the place of arrangement.

With all these important parts you need to keep your eyes towards the photographic session too because certainly you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture these memorable moments for ever. Several photo booths service providers are there who provide the service but you need to choose the best one because only the professional photographers can make the photographs attractive. They have the knowledge regarding the digital wall that can make the photos more interesting as well as they provide the flip books of total party.

It is imperative to mention here that you have to plan and finalize every details of the party sufficient time before the event so that not a single part would be missed from the planning. Even a single mistake can spoil the whole spirit of the party. So, plan ahead, get the right service providers help and make the party a memorable one for both you and your guest.

How Smartness Endorsed In Smartphone

A Smartphone is a device with some more advanced and enhanced technology having computing connectivity, several social media activity as well as all the basic facilities of basic phone. The first Smartphone was introduced by IBM in 1993 and later Apple Inc produced the iPhone with multi screen touch interface. Normal cell phones can only make calls and have some more facilities like making video etc. But in this rapid fast time, this much of cell phone facility is not enough and for that Smartphone came into existence. Smartphone capability starts with the internet access facility to document editing, easy interaction with friends staying in a long distance and many other well developed facilities.

Enhanced & Robust Hardware & Software

The most important part in any Smartphone is the Operating system that manages the hardware and the Software resources. Different OS like Linux, Windows, and Symbian can be used in any Smartphone to make communication in between user and system. Considering about the application it is found that most of the Smartphone are based on Android Technology which is comfortable on any OS and user-friendly. Hardware in smartphones has advanced greatly with the Micro HDMI ports that connecting from mobile to TV and increased the camera resolution. The latest Android application and the enhanced micro ports have made the Smartphone robust and useful.

Micro hdmi6 copy

Easy & Fast Internet Access

In recent times everyone has a bulky laptop and people tend to access internet using the broadband or Wi-Fi connection. To use this you need to sit at any place because it is not possible to use laptop while walking. But the new technologies Smartphone that consist of the latest enhanced features like Wi-Fi internet connection in your full-fledged computer plus phone in your pocket. If you are busy in messaging your friend then the ultra-sensitive touch screen facility helps you to type fast leaving less chance for any typo error. You can get the internet access at any place any point and any distance because of the wimax remote control in your mobile.


Social Media Integration

Talking in phone, messaging to friends has become easy through Smartphones. But the demand is related to worldwide and for that social media is the way that can connect you outside the country with your friends. Different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter have become the new megaphone for the Smartphone companies. In order to create a closer relationship with your business partners, friends and relatives; social media apps in smartphones provide the fastest platform to connect with them. Email marketing and social Media are mixed together and develop a well effective and interactive organization. This application helps to interact with any employee of your organization by promoting the email marketing which is secure as well as user-friendly.

Wide Variety of Apps

Very soon the Bluetooth enabled Smartphone door lock key will be available to make our property secure. Till now the traditional lock technology is in use but now the iphone technology has introduced the e-Key lock technology for quick and secure door lock. It is introduced from the well developed radio wave technology by adding some more ideas. Different handy applications like Transportation apps available that guides you on your traveling points. Document scanning for which you have to go for the scanning machine now available in Smartphone’s in the form on 3D scanners that helps to take a clear scan report. The researchers at ETH Zurich find out software that is compatible in all the Smartphone’s and easily you can scan a copy as well as can print it. There are millions of apps available in Google’s app store or in icloud by Apple catering to different needs of diverse people having wide range of interests.

Sync Facility

If you are a business person then you have to use different devices like laptops, different systems and PCs to communicate and to run the business, but if you are outside of your work area or office home then how can you access your official documents if any emergency situation arise? The solution is to store the data in clouds, synchronize all the system and make the accessibility available in your phone so that you can access multiple systems in one device which is possible in Smartphone. Synchronization facility in smartphones has increased the demand of smartphones sharply in recent times among customers.

High Quality Camera & Video Streaming

As Smartphone becoming ubiquitous and the shooting photos becoming highly fashionable for the people; that naturally compel the smartphone companies to add high resolution camera in their products. To capture more pictures like the digital cameras the small tiny sensors introduced in smartphones help you to get a clean and clear image from a long distance. Optical image stabilization facility helps to take blur free images. Watching the live shows and TV programs is only possible through Laptop or PCs but now days you can also watch the video and TV shows in your Smartphone. Verizon’s 4G LTE facility in phones increased the data transmission speed that helps watch any shows easily. Different video streaming packages are available in market that are really useful and allow you to watch movies and other TV shows live. As example you can take Netflix, hulu plus etc; those are easy to access in Smartphone.

Verizon 4G
So, with all these overwhelming facilities and effective enhanced applications, it is easy to access the Worldwide Technology in a newest way at anytime and anywhere.

CD, DVD, HD DVD & Blu Ray disk: A journey into the evolution of compact disk

Long before the CDs and the likes, we had portable data storage media such as floppy disks. This was around the early 70s and used to be 8 inches in size. “Floppy” because they were flexible. Soon it gave way to 5¼ inch floppy disks, storing up to 1.2Mb. Around the 80s we saw the introduction of the smallest of the floppy disk family in the 3½ inch size – this was not flexible. Data in floppy disks would have to be constantly backed up as integrity used to be a big question with them. Alternatively data centers used to back up data in magtapes.

This is when Compact Disks as storage device made inroads, more popular as CDs. This is the story of 80s. Having started with pre-recorded CDs, it soon offered facility of one-time recording at user end; later we also received the re-writable ones. The catch would lie in the drives; the ancient drives did not accompany the recording software; they were capable of playing the CDs alone. While CDs can hold data as well as audio tracks, floppy disks did not offer the capability. CDs allowed up to 700Mb of data storage – a quantum leap from floppies. Although CDs certainly offered more resistance to extreme temperatures and water, it still could be rendered useless with dust and scratches. CDs also sounded the death knell for cassette tapes, 78 RPM gramophone records and 33 1/3RPM vinyl; although the latter two were overtaken some time ago by the former as they were not portable, could break easily and you could not record your own favorites on it. The advent of CDs brought in its wake the CD walkmans, thus making cassette walkmans a story of the past.

VCD Player

In the 90s we saw VCDs and later DVDs – these were more versatile than CDs as they offered up to half a dozen times more storage. Apart from that, they would facilitate high quality, standard definition video distribution and recording. They look the same as CD/VCDs but are more rugged and would employ the same factor as that of CDs and thereby provide flexibility for full backwards compatibility. It can hold full length movies as well – something that CDs did not permit. Even VCDs, at times would split a movie in multiple disks.

By this time, High Definition television sets had begun to flex its muscles in the markets. Soon people realized that there was no choice for media capable of recording or playing back High Definition substance.

HD Telivision

High Definition (HD) DVDs then evolved from DVDs with marked advanced features. It began appearing in the markets around mid 90s. Comparable to older VHS videotapes, this came to supplement the recent introduction of TVs capable of reproducing high definition pictures. Apart from offering superior “unforgettable experience” picture high definition DVDs allow you to pack more movies in a single disk. HD-DVDs provide 1080 lines of video resolution and thus is far more advantageous than DVDs that can offer no more than 576/480 lines.

Around the same time, Shuji Nakamura, well aware that one could create high density optical storage using lasers with shorter wavelengths, introduces us to practical blue laser diodes and thus the blu-ray disk was born.

It may be worthwhile to note that while HD-DVD is supported and serviced by NEC, Toshiba, Universal studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and the like, Blu-ray found backing of Philips, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Dell, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Panasonic, Pioneer and the likes.

Both the disks are same by appearance and size when compared to VCD, DVD or CDs, but are different by storage capacity and technology. The blu-ray disk, with its shorter wavelength blue laser, smaller aperture lens and thinner cover layer on the surface of the disk and smaller beam spot size – is capable of allowing storage up to 50Gb, depending on whether it is a single layer or dual. HD-DVD, on the other hand is capable of storing 15 GB on a single layer disk and 30 Gb on the dual layer disk.

Blu ray Disc

With a minimum capacity of 25 GB over 4.5 offered by a standard DVD, blu-ray has easily grabbed the limelight. Compared to DVD’s 8MBps, blu-ray is mightier with the ability to produce signals at the speed of 48MBps making it 6 time faster. Not only does blu-ray disk offer comparably higher bandwidth, the properties of blu-ray also allow capturing a full 1080p High Definition image giving a resolution of 1920 x 1080 progressively scanned pixels. You might remember the DVDs would provide no more that 720 x 480.

So you can see that HD-DVD and Blu-ray – both are serving the same purpose but are two different formats available to customers to choose from.

The evolution inarguably would continue, media and players will continue to come and go; people will continue to lose money with the outdated players, if not the media – because technology does not and cannot stand still.

How data is stored in compact disks

Compact disks are means of storing digital data (or information) that can be retrieved when needed. There are numerous recording media and computers that help in facilitating data storage. Data can be represented in various classes viz. mechanical, chemical, photochemical, electrical, thermodynamic, optical, and magnetic. Whatever be the form, it is paramount for all of us to have data available by any means as it gives us – employees, customers, partners the relevant information to succeed in our individual pursuits and in order to achieve business goals. And if we can implement intelligent data management and retrieval capabilities, it results in exponential growth of a related business. This ability also empowers us to manage better with limited resources.

Improvement of Technology from ancient storage process

In olden times data was stored on barks of trees and dried leaves which then gave way to paper. Punched cards were used as one of the earliest temporary storage of data which would then be transferred on to larger computer memories. We used to and still have magnetic tapes to achieve the purpose – better known as sequential data storage. With the passage of time, we had portable data storage abilities with the availability of floppy disks. Technology improvements later brought invention of floppy disks. Later we were introduced with more sturdy rugged means of portable data storage medium in the form of compact disks.

Floppy Disk

Reproduction of Compact Disk

There are two ways of getting data reproduced in compact disks commercially. One is what we know as the replication technique and the other one is duplication. Although it is difficult to tell the difference in the end product, it certainly has pros and cons. Let us examine how each of the process works.

Compact Disk

The source data is the starting point. This media, most likely in a compact disk, needs careful scrutiny and verification to ensure there are no defects. Does it play thoroughly without a single hitch? Once assured of the quality being top notch what is the next step? The next step produces what in the industry parlance is known as a glass master. Yet again, the quality of the glass master is key to the quality of next product, any blemish here and the time and money could be wasted resulting in great financial losses. In this process of replication, it is crucial to keep a keen eye on the precision and accuracy of each and every step of the production to ensure the end product is dot on – a perfect replica of the original; a single flaw could end up jeopardizing the whole project. The quality assurance has to be the best possible. Now that we have the glass master, we produce a stumper which is then used to load the molding machine to actually produce the bunch of compact disks. The disk, after the molding gets over, is applied with a micro thin layer of aluminum. It reflects the laser from the player to the audio reproducing apparatus. The penultimate step involves putting a protective layer of lacquer followed by application of the label that describes the content of the compact disk and finally all that remains is packaging and shipping. This whole process is the Replication process. There are appropriate equipments available in the market to perform all the above tasks in an automatic, commercial and professional way to avoid defects in the end product and generating more numbers of compact disks in less time.

Commercial Duplication of Disk

What we do at home when producing one compact disk on our computers is called “burning”. Industrially and commercially this would be called “Duplication”. Commercial or industrial duplication process would involve professional and automatic machines that would perform the work of duplication using a number of towers (depending on the affordability of the facility owner) and thus produce compact disks in a higher scale at the same time.

Compared to older means, compact disks are meant to pack more. It was designed for the same purpose – it allows storage of a million bits in the space that is no bigger than the head of a pin. And one such spot is worth one second of music or whatever reproducible material on a player. This storage ability for packing more was the key game changer in the world of data management tools. There was massive research and development involved in order to build the capability of reading the so highly compressed data with a durable and affordable means; here the integrated circuit technology came to the rescue.

Use of Compact Disk

Much like the lacquer music records, a compact disk too plays in a system of groves arranged in a circular fashion on the surface. It is the job of the player to use the laser to sense the pits and lands on the surface and use the computers to convert them into sound energies to channel out through the speakers.

While the 80 minute compact disk is the standard, disks of 74, 90 and 99 minutes were also made available.

Steve Jobs: The True Wizard In Digital World.

The name of Steve Jobs is Steven Paul Jobs who was born on 24th February 1955 and died on 5th October 2011. World will remember him for the great products he and his team brought to market such as Apple II, the Macintosh, the Laser Printer, Next work stations, Digital Animated Movies, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and many.

History of Apple

Steve Jobs was first employed in Atari, a video game maker. Then in April 1976 Apple Computer Inc. was incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne. First they started assembling Apple computers in a garage. Within a year they released Apple II that was very famous at that time. Steve Jobs left apple during 1985 when he was CEO of Apple. After leaving Apple he introduced many software technologies those are foundation of software engineering. Steve Jobs again returned to Apple Computer in 1997 and introduced a cheaper model lap top.
First Computer

Invention of Different Technology by Steve Jobs

First Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh 128K in 1984, the first market of personal computer featuring a graphical user interface and mouse. After this model many updated models were introduced in the market. In 1998 Apple introduced a range of Macintosh desktop computing known as iMac, a personal computer with USB but without a floppy drive.

ipod & iTune
During the year 1999, under the guidance of Steve Jobs, Apple introduced iBook with Wi-Fi technology. It is an amazing way to down load the latest bestselling books or classics from the iBook store.
In 2001 under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple released iPod, a line of portable media players. It is like other MP3 players with external data storage facilities and it was very successful at that time. The storage capacity varies from model to model and the variation range is between 2GB to 160GB. Also in 2001 Apple released another product iTune that is used for transfer of photos, games, music and many. It is also used to play, down load and organize digital audio and video in personal computer.

Development of Cell Phones and Smart Phones

Apple’s first smart phone was ROKR E1 that was released on September 2005. ROKR E1 was the joint venture of Apple and Motorola. Within few months, Apple discontinued collaboration with Motorola. Steve Jobs desire was to develop cell phones an important device for portable information access and he knew for those developments cell phones needed to have excellent synchronization software and he advised his engineers to focus on iPod and iTunes software. Steve Jobs directed his engineers to develop a touch screen mobile phone and on June 2007 Apple Computer released its new touch screen smart phones called iPhone. The iPhone is a line of smart phones designed and marketed by Apple. It revolutionized the mobile phone industries. It has Wi-Fi cellular connectivity such as 2G, 3G, and 4G. By iPhone you can shoot videos, take photos, play music, receive, and send mails.

>Smart Phone

Steve Jobs introduced iPad, a tablet computer. It is a very popular tablet computer similar to iPod and iPhone but the difference is its 9.7” screen. It is a replacement of lap top for many purposes such as e-mail, e-book reading, web browsing, entertainments such as watching movies and playing games. The iPad was very successful and about 15 million ipad sold in 2010.

Contribution of Steve Jobs to The World

World will never forget the excellent products brought by Steve Jobs and his team and their contribution towards Digital technology. They always tried to make a product better again and again. Steve Jobs was a creative thinker and a visionary business man who improved personal computing, hardware design and software design. It was his contribution by which today Apple is one of the valuable and leading Corporations in the world. Without Steve Jobs, today millions of people would not have the access to the internet; many students would not have the privilege of iPhone, GPS app. Today life has much easier ways in accurately handling iPhone and Smart phone technologies.

CD Duplication And CD Replication: Know The Difference

CDs are used today not only for distributing movies and music but as an economical and storage media for software, books, training courses, sales tools, buying guides and more. Many people are ignorant of difference between CD duplication and CD replication. Some prefer CD replication than duplication. Some say there is no remarkable difference at all. So, let’s have a look on these two processes of CD production.

Difference Between Compact disc duplication and replication

In between compact disc duplication and replication the difference is that duplication is the common process like burning of a disc through some software which is done by common people having computers at home for downloading or copying music files or other types of data. CD duplication is quite inexpensive and easier process even effortlessly handled by layman with minimum knowledge on computer usage. Software like CD Burners is very popular among users as they help in duplicating contents on a CD to other discs. One important thing in CD duplication is that the taken to copy or load the data depends on the speed of the recorder and amount of data in the disc.

CD Burner

A CD duplication service uses a disc burner drive to record songs, movies, books, sales tools and more on to a blank disc. A machine such as Standalone Duplicate Tower is one of the duplicators used for CD duplication. This technology produces more CDs in less time. Cost of Duplication in this case is also quite less comparison to replication process. This machine does not require a computer or any software to operate. A duplicator consists of three major components; those are source drive, multiple target drive and a duplication controller card. The original master disc is inserted into the source drive. The blank media go with multiple target drive & the controller card is the part that controls the data flow between the source drive and the multiple target drivers.

CD replication involves molding of CDs to an exact copy of the source commonly known as the master CD rather than burning the data on to individual CD. This is the commercial process to produce CDs in mass that are sold in the market. Moreover as this process doesn’t involve burning of the data on to individual disc, so this is very simple way to handle large volume of CD preparation in a limited time.

Role of Glass Master in CD Replication

CD replication involves in pressing the disc during manufacture from a glass master which is also known as stamper that punches all data into the CD. The Glass Master that has been coated by a chemical of nickel, which is burned off with a laser is made of glass. The amazing thing is that the glass master is polished to get a very smooth surface so that produced CD would be of good quality.

Glass Mastering
For this, the glass master is prepared in a very clean room that should be designated as class 100 clean room which means the room must not contain more than 100 micro solid particles like dust or smoke or pollen per cubic foot of air. The glass master is placed inside a machine into which molten polycarbonate is injected there to produce the disc with all the data stamped in to the disc from the glass master. A reflective aluminum layer is applied above the disc to provide safety to the data stored in the disc from external mishandling like minor scratches.

Draw Backs Of Disc Duplication

Disc duplication has few draw backs. The CDs produced by duplication process do not have professional look. Even the data burned into the CDs may not be same quality as that of the original CD. Sometime we get some CDs that are not played properly. CD drives sometime can’t read data from certain CDs. Actually such discs are generally produced by CD duplication process.

Whereas CDs produced in replication process have distinctive polished look. The data in replicated CDs are of same quality as that of the master disc. Generally such CDs do not give any problem during playing. Even the data remain unaffected for longer time. As in CD replication process, we can produce mass number of discs in less time, so this process is quite cheap if we require larger volume of CDs.

In a nutshell, we can say that the choice between Duplication and replication depends on the quantity and quality requirements.

Kinds of Inkjet Cartridges and Buying Tips

Inkjet cartridges can be of several kinds.

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ones are, as the expansion suggests, the ones that are manufactured by the printer manufacturers themselves.

Compatible ones are manufactured by aftermarket manufacturers that work on the OEM printers.

Remanufactured or refurbished  ones are the ones that are repaired and recycled for further use after it has been used at least once.

OEM Cartridge and Its Service

The OEM ones are inarguably the best. These are obviously costlier than the other options indicated above. These are warranted by the manufacturer for any defects during a specific period. Any attempts to tamper or make alterations or to service or refurbish


during the warranted period renders the warranty null and void; in which event your claims for warranty services will not be fulfilled by the manufacturer.

Comparison between Compatible Cartridge and OEM Cartridge

Compatibles ones are the ones that would fit a brand printer in place of the OEM cartridge. Many people in the knowledge of things prefer to buy printers that would be able to accommodate a compatible cartridge in place of an OEM one. Compatible cartridges cost less than OEM Cartridges and therefore there is a sense that you are able to save substantially. You could find these cartridges for one fourth the price of an OEM one that no one can argue is not substantial. With the advent of technology to suit this segment of the industry, some of compatible cartridge manufacturers have gone ahead to offer warranty just as the OEM manufacturers do. However there are many who do not. There is a sizable customer segment that consumes this type of cartridges which may suggest that this stuff is reliable. What is true is that manufacturers of such cartridges have come to enjoy a reputation and they have grown to a level where there is a brand recall existing in the consumer’s mind. And you won’t be surprised to find positive review comments for these cartridges on the review forums on the web. Many opine that it is entirely safe to use these cartridges unless your printer happens to be $500 photo printer kind. So if you are interested in such compatible cartridges, you know what to look for, what is important and what you are prepared to compromise.

Recycling Of Cartridge

The remanufactured / refurbished, as the name suggests are the ones that are emptied, cleaned, repaired, and finally tested to ensure printer compatibility after at least one full use. Once my cartridge indicates me that it is exhausted, I can trade them off for cheaper compatible new cartridges or cheaper OEM cartridges. All such used cartridges collected are sent to a plant where they are refilled or refurbished and repaired, depending upon the condition and these cartridges find their way back in the recycled cartridge market. This is a huge market and you would be surprised by the size of customers loyal to this quality of cartridges and this obviously makes it a profitable business after all.

Recycling Of Image
Whether it would harm your printer is a call you certainly need to take, one thing you can sure take credit of is keeping environment pollution under control – you are doing your bit, and that is all an individual can do. The waste that the cartridges create is a serious threat to our environment. Imagine the condition of the landfill that has cartridges sitting beneath that is absolutely not bio-degradable. I mean what good is something that would take 300 years to degrade. It has the potential of contaminating the underground water table and thus the health of innumerable human beings not so far in future.

Tips To Buy a New Cartridge

When shopping for new cartridges one new school of thought advises that it is more cost effective to consider buying an entirely new printer instead of replacing the cartridge. While it may sound crazy, but isn’t that a fact with most components these days? The collective cost of Printer Cartridges over a period of 3 – 6 months, can be easily equated to the cost of new printer! Actually this strategy of the manufacturers has been there for quite some time now as this assures them the sustainability that sale of printers does not guarantee. So the customer ends up bearing the collective high expenses that does not strike the usual customer busy in his daily life.

Tip To buy
Another strategy the manufacturers practice can take some of you by surprise. The cartridges that come sitting in most branded printers at the time you buy are not fully loaded. This is so that you rush to buy a new cartridge sooner than later. Such cartridges are popular as “starter cartridges”.

In order to save money, as we said above, you could seek the aftermarket ones that have grown to command a great clout around or keep your eyes open for offers that are made from time to time by brick and mortar vendors as well as online stores. Or buy in bulk, provided your consumption is regular. Happy printing!

Information To Save Printer Inks and Cartridges

Printers used at homes and ones used at business are different as the requirements are unique. At home, you could have 1-3 people using a printer while at a business you could be having many people sharing one printer. Thus the use per hour at the two places makes a whale of a difference.

Toners and laser Ink cartridges are usually meant for high speed printers and greater quality, and volume printing. At homes generally what we use is the inkjet printer for the economy. Now there are different types of cartridges.

Environmental Pollution Due To Ink Cartridge

Some of the cartridges have the printing head attached to it. At the time you change your cartridge, you are compelled to change the print head, willingly or unwillingly, you do not have a choice. For low volume users it may not be too much of a cost to change the cartridge once in a while. Original cartridges thus end up giving high quality results and the users remain a happy lot. But for users who churn higher volumes of printouts, the cost can be substantial. Now there are users – high volume users as well as low volume users – who prefer to refill the cartridge instead of buying a new one. Obviously the explanation lies in the difference between cost of buying new and having it refilled. Here you would find arguments in favor as well against the practice. Some would be concerned with the claims that refilling would mar the quality of printouts and would harm the printer, leading to frequent and expensive repairs. Others would be worried about the quality of inks which they may not be able to gauge anyway. Another disadvantage – you may not be able to demand warranty services if they discover you using refilled and or refurbished cartridges. You might have an appropriate argument in offering the Environment Pollution angle to it – and there is no denying that used up cartridges are a major threat; they may not degrade or could take up over 3 to 4 hundred years to degrade. In order to keep the business on, the manufacturers are always looking for novel ways. Some cartridges do not allow you to re-set page counters when you are refilling one. Other cartridges would allow the ink but the capacity will be limited, so you end up giving them business buying ink, more frequently; cash flow keeps business running and you end up believing that it is a beneficial to you. Of course running to the retailer so often results in losing weight, you are better health wise.


Different Ink Cartridges And Its Warranty Period

The ink tank types may sound technologically advanced, more economical and user friendly. But a wise user would know the traps manufacturers have put in there. Here print heads remain fixed. You have four tanks each with one of the four colors Cyan, Black, Magenta and Yellow. You have the freedom to fill the color that has exhausted. But the catch lies in the chip that could prevent you refilling the tank based on the date of first filling. So the assurance of refill ability that came at the time of purchase falls flat on your face – you may give it a better name – frustration – want to bang your head? Well, there are even better tricks. Say due to a programming glitch, your printer sends 200 pages out and no matter was printed; guess what, your cartridge indicates you it is time to replace the cartridge! Try forcing refilling, and you lose the warranty on your printer! You end up buying a new cartridge and discard the old “unused” one! Shackled aren’t we?

Image3 copy
Diligence still gives you ways to save. When you see an offer for high capacity ink that compares with the original, you might want to find if there are more such vendors. Who knows you could end up with another vendor who is selling at same price but even higher capacity ink!

Get Information  Regarding Ink Cartridge From Internet

While on the net, the analytics keeps giving you information on your requirements, tastes etc based on previous usage of the internet. If you can afford to keep an eye on the ongoing offers while at work, you may get to lay your hands on a substantial discount at a Brick and Mortar store or at an online store.

When you shop online, you save indirectly. You save on the fuel that you would burn to get to the mall. You save time. And you also save money that you usually end up spending on things you really do not need.

The stores that keep a wide variety and large stocks could mean that the stocks are not too old. Fresh products are obviously meant to give you more.

It is quite common these days for the vendors to offer services and features for no extra cost when you buy in bulk. This means more savings when shopping for printer inks and cartridges at such stores.