No! You Can’t Hack the Biometrics Technology

Posted On: June 17th, 2016    To  Technology

Yes, we have to admit that at the rate technology is improving; the cybercrime is too increasing at the same pace. It’s directly proportional. Don’t you think so? Yeah it is! So what’s the reason behind it? The reason is simple. Hackers also are

Spy cameras! A friend of mine screamed out. After some seconds she went to the trial room of a big shopping mall. She got frightened with anger. It was a tiny camera built on the extreme right corner of this small room. But still how could she even sense

We all hate the moment when we just see the red signal of battery low notification from our smartphone. Isn’t it? And the notification comes when something is important to do like sending some urgent mail to the boss or checking the examination notice.

Li-Fi – The 100x Version of a Wi-Fi

Posted On: May 19th, 2016    To  Technology

What if instead of sitting in front of the PC for the whole night to download one of your favorite movies, you have to just press the download button and get the download done within a blink of your eye. Seems like a fairytale, isn’t it? And the fact

It’s obvious that, those who have a high-quality costly DSLR in their hand; they have the dream to be a famous professional photographer one day! But only possession of these cameras doesn’t help anybody to get an eye-catching photo. You need to learn

Smartphone replaced watches, smartphone replaced cameras; smartphone replaced music players, smartphone replaced… (You say). Probably it will be as long as the balance sheet of a fortune 500 company, if we start to count each and every product that

Virtual Reality: Immerse In a New World

Posted On: April 1st, 2016    To  Technology

Go man! Better use that machine gun and kill him. Oh, Hold on! I am talking about the game. You don’t show that much of emotion because you think & feel that it is rather a game not reality while playing. Of course, everyone will react that only.

Is Our Life Is All About “Last Seen”?

Posted On: March 8th, 2016    To  Technology

Just do a favor for yourself. Judge the title! Couldn’t get it? Well, let me ping you! Go to the Newsfeed, you might find out 🙂 I know you are smiling & now please don’t comment. Just like the humor and help yourself to tag me and share what’s

Do You Know What Type Of Display Your Smartphone Has

Posted On: February 26th, 2016    To  Technology

Visualize that you got the smartphone store to buy the new coolest smartphone ever which has been fancying you for some days and the salesperson is getting injured with numerous swords of questions like “what is that” “what is this” “why should

In a Sunday calm morning, I was going through the newspaper with a cup of coffee in my hand and when turned the second page of it, I paused a bit by seeing a whole full page advertisement of the all new Curved TV. Then some sudden array of questions rose

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