How to Fix a CD Scratch and Avoid Burning Errors

Posted On: March 17th, 2017    To  CD & DVD

Well acquainted with the CD and DVD almost everyone knows the basic things about them like what it is, its function. You are no way an exception. Do you know how to burn data into the CD/DVD safely? Do you have any idea about fixing a scratched CD for

Smart Kitchen-The Family’s Gathering Place gets Smarter

Posted On: December 26th, 2016    To  Technology

There is nothing left to say about a smart world. Whatever you see is some or the another way has become or going to be smart. The tide of this technological advancement has also reached the shores of the kitchen of your home. Yes! It’s about the

Virus! Almost everyone seems to have a kind of heart attack hearing this. Here it is not being discussed about a human virus but a computer virus. Although, both are same regarding their functioning aspect as both creates havoc in the human body and computer

Are you planning to buy a camera? I guess, like others you must also be wondering over the concern “which camera to buy?” Simple to hear but this simple question has lot of confusions in itself. Even though you scroll through numerous reviews you

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Gaming Console

Posted On: September 19th, 2016    To  Digital Gadgets, Gaming

Like anything buying a gaming console for you or your kids is also a confusing task. And it’s obvious! Spending so much money on a single device is not joke. From a wide number of brands, budgets, features and a no. of other factors, it needs a

6 Popular Types of Photography You Should Know About

Posted On: August 11th, 2016    To  Photography

The stunning photographs we see every day on the internet or newspapers or some other places are the contribution of a wide range of photographers. And not every photographer be the best in every type of photography. Some are interested in wildlife photography,

What Is The Barcode Technology & How Useful It Is?

Posted On: July 20th, 2016    To  Technology

Ever wondered what those cashiers do at the billing time while purchasing any product? They take a piece of equipment and keep it near to those black and white vertical zebra stripes printed on that product. Then beams of bright light come from that equipment—the

Looking to buy your first laptop computer? Hundreds of suggestions you might be getting from your friends or families before you own that shiny pink-colored laptop of your choice. Isn’t it? So, are the suggestions are helping you or confusing you? And

No! You Can’t Hack the Biometrics Technology

Posted On: June 17th, 2016    To  Technology

Yes, we have to admit that at the rate technology is improving; the cybercrime is too increasing at the same pace. It’s directly proportional. Don’t you think so? Yeah it is! So what’s the reason behind it? The reason is simple. Hackers also are

Spy cameras! A friend of mine screamed out. After some seconds she went to the trial room of a big shopping mall. She got frightened with anger. It was a tiny camera built on the extreme right corner of this small room. But still how could she even sense

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